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Shoe Care Essentials: Tips for Keeping Your Footwear Stylish and Comfortable All Season

Although all shoes come with their specific set of instructions for care, there are some basic steps of taking care that always remain the same. Discover essential tips for shoe care to maintain the style and comfort of your footwear all year round, from cleaning and storage to protecting them from moisture and sunlight.

· Your shoes are bound to get dirty as you wear them. But, just like everyone else, shoes also do not like dust and dirt, so take out time to clean them as soon as you come back home. Shoes should first be cleaned with a soft cloth and then use a brush to remove any leftover mud particles. Never use any sharp object to remove dirt as it can cause more damage than good.

· The long life of your shoes also depends on how you store them after wearing. Stuff some scrunched up newspaper inside the shoes to keep the shape of the shoe intact. Besides, it also absorbs any leftover moisture and thus prevents unwanted odours too. You can also stuff cotton in place of newspaper.

· Shoes, especially those made of any type of leather must be kept away from water and moisture. This is why it is recommended not to wear leather shoes during monsoon. If your shoes get wet accidentally, wipe them with a clean and dry cloth immediately to prevent any damage.

· Just like moisture, shoes also do not like excess sunlight. This doesn’t mean that you can’t wear them outside; just store them away from direct sunlight, once you are back home. Leather shoes deteriorate faster if kept in direct sunlight for long durations.

· We tend to wear our favourite pair of shoes almost everyday. Do not wear the same pair daily as your shoes also need a break to avoid wear and tear due to overuse.

· Make a habit to store shoes that you rarely use, in a dust bag. Do not store them in the shoe box that came with the shoe. Shoe trees can also be used to store them as they ensure proper air circulation and maintain the shape too.

. Last but not the least, your shoe laces also need your attention. Remove the shoe laces and soak them in warm soapy water for some time. Rinse with clean water and allow them to dry. This can be repeated every few days.

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