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Sky’s the limit for Ashok Aliseril, his family after they used Youtube videos to build aircraft in lockdown

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Instead of doing meaningless things during the lockdown, a couple built a four-seater kit aircraft from scratch. The family now wants to use the plane to take their children on days out

38-year-old Ashok Aliseril and his wife cannot wait to take their two daughters out in a plane that they built when others were either getting bored or watching Netflix films during the lockdown. The COVID-19 pandemic has changed our lives on many levels, and we’ve spent the majority of the last two years at home baking bread or binge-watching Netflix.

Some were compelled to pursue a new hobby or learn a new language.

For this family, however, ambition knew no bounds as they spent their time tackling the difficult project of building a four-seater plane from the ground up.

This family desired a four-seater plane, so they built one.

Ashok Aliseril, his 35-year-old wife Abhilasha Dubey, 35, were determined not to be bored and instead spent their time in something more meaningful along with their daughters Tara, 6, and Diya, 3.

According to the  media, Ashok, a trained pilot, spent nearly two years building the plane with only the instruction manual and YouTube videos for guidance.

The 38-year-old engineer from Essex, England, and his wife Abhilasha had hoped to purchase an aircraft that could accommodate both them and their two young daughters. However, they were unable to locate a suitable option on the market.

The four-person family now has their own plane. As a result, Ashok decided to literally take matters into his own hands.

He discovered a kit plane that met their requirements and flew to South Africa to test fly it before ordering it and having it shipped to his backyard.

The components arrived in March 2020, just as the family was grounded by COVID.

So, instead of spending lockdown time making banana bread or diving headfirst into sourdough, the family built a plane.

Almost two years later, the result is a stunning red and silver machine with luxury seats and plenty of leg room.

The total cost of the project was reported to be £155,000. (Rs 1.57 crore).

The couple contributed to the project’s funding by saving money on school breakfast clubs, commuting, and socialising.

Abhilasha says, “There was literally no time to waste on the commute to get to the hangar after work – because it was right there in our back garden.”

So Ashok used to come out after work at 3 p.m. and stay until 9 p.m. The couple is now hoping to fly to the Isle of Wight for their summer vacation, while Ashok is hoping that the plane will help him get to Manchester United games.

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