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Why Is Social Media Verification On The Rise ?

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Social Media Account Verification In the last 15 months, PR inquiries have grown by 300 percent,” Says Tausif Patel founder of Times Applaud Network.

“It was only around eighteen months ago that a small proportion of our PR content initiatives were requests by Times Applaud entrepreneur and corporate customer for the aim of checking Social media account verificationoutlets. It is surprising to compare that with a humble growth of 300 percent in the past 12 months from March 2021.”

Online Sales: Companies and Brands that are occupied with selling items through web-based media stages like Instagram and Facebook are likewise forceful towards web-based media check. Many style brands are additionally searching for a confirmed record to save themselves from frauds. 

Who are looking for the services?

  • Startups
  • Young entrepreneurs
  • Ecommerce
  • Social activists
  • Influencer  

Why Individual Brands Are Looking For verified accounts?


While conversing with a few new companies, Times Applaud Network agents asked them how online media confirmation will assist with working on their business. A couple of start-up proprietors were of the assessment that it will help them secure assets from VCs and Angels, yet strangely, a large portion of them were befuddled. It will be reasonable for say that they had no clue about the utility of having a checked online media account yet needed to do this is on the grounds that a large portion of their rivals had done it. 


In the previous 15 months, Times Applaud has gotten in excess of 500 enquiries for online media check, countless them being from youngsters having a provisional spending plan lesser than Rs 30,000. They needed a ‘Blue Tick’ on their portfolio to appear to be authentic, significant or uncommon. These youthful grown-ups matured somewhere in the range of 16 and 25 age bunch, guarantee to be Serial Entrepreneurs, Digital Marketing Gurus, Multipreneurs, Inspirational Entrepreneurs, SEO Experts, Social media account verification specialists and so on

Times Applaud dismissed practically 90% of such work and distributed simply 10% of it. Just the substance that clung to their tough rules was distributed, after complete reality check and foundation research. Nonetheless, it has been tracked down that a disturbing degree of such unsubstantiated work straightforwardly being distributed in the established press through different mediums.

Influencers and Marketers: An enormous number of web-based media influencers and advertisers are additionally cognizant about their checked records via online media stages particularly Instagram and Facebook. Concerning them, it is reasonable that confirmed records will assist them with procuring advantages and brand affiliations, which are the sole wellspring of income for them. 

Social Activists

There has been an ascent sought after for confirmed Twitter Accounts, which has been both, astonishing just as surprising for some including Tausif Patel. In a few cases, we requested that such individuals share their substance draft with us to check their socio-political tendencies and discovered that the greater part of them guarantee to be Social media account verification activists. We have attempted to remain careful about these portfolios with the misgiving that they may be utilized for savaging or spreading falsehood on Twitter and could place a major imprint in the PR business. 

Who actually need to get their social media accounts verified?

Web-based media check is needed by VIPs, brands selling items via web-based media stages, political pioneers and individuals who can impact a larger part, to get their record from deception and to stay away from any abuse. For instance, if there are ten distinct records on the name of Amitabh Bachchan on Twitter, the Blue Tick will help his adherents and new individuals to distinguish a copy and a genuine record. 

Political pioneers and others who can impact popular assessment, for the most part require a Blue Tick. Likewise, brands occupied with selling items via web-based media stages need a confirmed record to keep away from fake organizations selling duplicates of their items. Then again, an individual who is not really known in his own area is as yet quick to get his/her record confirmed appears to be superfluous and unseemly.

Tausif Patel emphasizes, “We began Times Applaud Network with a mission to grandstand meriting and gifted Indian organizations, new companies and business people by distributing their examples of overcoming adversity in the established press. We don’t support any unsubstantiated substance. Consistently we reject a crazy measure of content work, just on the grounds that it doesn’t conform to our standards of validness and genuineness. 

We guide organizations on approaches to go through their cash in exhibiting their business USPs and highlights rather than independently zeroing in via online media check. We likewise encourage all our kindred established press accomplices to be more careful while distributing any substance without a legitimate individual verification. On the off chance that such substance gets distributed unconfirmed, it will diminish the worth of computerized PR and lead to the advancement of phony substance over the long haul.”

If you are looking for social media verification, do reach us at 8422849235 / www.timesapplaud.com


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