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“Society Loves Drama,” Shekhar Suman Speaks On Adhyayan-Kangana Relationship

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Kangana Ranaut is one of the most famous actresses of the Indian film industry and she has also attracted many controversies in her career. One such controversy erupted after her breakup with the actor Adhyayan Suman who is son of famous actor-anchor Shekhar Suman.

Kangana and Adhyayan dated each other while working together in “Raaz: The Mystery Continues” (2009) but their relationship was short-lived and their break-up was a really a bitter one. Things turned uglier when Shekhar Suman alleged that Kangana was using black magic on his son and Adhyayan claimed that he was tortured mentally and physically by Kangana.

Recently, Shekhar Suman gave an interview in which he talked about Kangana and Adhyayan’s relationship. He stated that he was well aware of the details of his son’s relationship with Kangana but he is not going to fight Adhyayan’s battles, he can only give strength to his son but he has to fight his own battles as he is man enough.

The actor further said that he was never against Adhyayan’s relationship with Kangana as it is a phase of life and sometimes you taste success in your first relationship and sometimes you don’t. He also says that it was neither Kangana nor Adhyayan’s fault but the circumstances were just not right.

He adds that though nobody wants their first relationship end as a failure yet sometimes people have no control. He goes on to say that there are times when even friends of a person don’t want to see him happy and there were many who were against Adhyanan’s relationship with Kangana as society loves drama.

Shekhar Suman also states that relationships should end on a positive note and not on a bitter one.

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