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South Korean Govt Offers Rs 40K/Month To Lonely People For Rejoining Society

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One of the biggest fears of any person is being left alone and the worst thing is that a person can feel lonely even when he/she is in a room full of people. You must be getting what we want to say because we all must have faced this situation in our lives at least once and if you haven’t experienced, then you are a very lucky person and we hope that your good luck continues in the same manner.

There are various reasons behind a person feeling lonely or isolated such as a family tragedy, financial crisis, other family problems, etc.

However, the South Korean govt has come up with a unique idea of helping such people of the country who are living a lonely and reclusive life by providing them with a monetary support. As per the reports, the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family has announced that it will provide 6,50,000 Korean won per month which amounts to Rs. 41K approx. to lonely people in order to strengthen them emotionally, mentally and also for enhancing their healthy growth.

As per the report made by Korea Institute for Health and Social Affairs, there are around 3 lakh such people in Korea and this monthly allowance will be paid to people in the age group of 9-24 yrs. Moreover, their household must be of four members and one more requisite is that the national income of such families should be less than $4,165 (Rs 3.4 lakhs) per month.

Now this is a great initiative as it will help them solve their problems to some extent. Kudos!

Nitin Bhatnagar
Nitin Bhatnagar
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