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SR News Launched By Two Young Entrepreneurs Is Going To Be Next Big Thing In Digital World

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The Indian youngsters of the present times are very dynamic and have a go-getter attitude. What’s more, they don’t hesitate in taking the risk of starting up on their own business rather than going for a job in a multinational firm with a lucrative salary.

Rahul Barod and Shweta Parmar are two young entrepreneurs from Ujjain who are trying to make big in the corporate world with their hard work and determination. They both are the co-founders of a digital agency, SR Globes which has been playing an instrumental role in growing the business of many companies. Rahul Barod and Shweta Parmar are also a part of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s ambitious campaign Atmanirbhar Bharat which was started by the Modi government for the purpose of increasing economic development of the country as they both headed the team which created VB (Vande Bharat) Browser that is an alternative to the Chinese UC Browser. Rahul and Shweta thought of creating a more secure alternative browser for the Indian online users when the Indian government took the decision of banning many Chinese apps. The VB Browser was launched on 15th Aug 2020 and their team constantly works on improving the browser in order to give a better experience to the online users. 

Recently, they both added a new feather to the cap when they launched their new venture SR Newswhich is a news media agency and its main focus is on current affairs. SR News lets its users know what is happening not just around them but in the whole world. Apart from increasing their general awareness, it also entertains users by making them acquainted with interesting facts and events.

Talking about their journey, Rahul Barod who is a Computer Science Engineer revealed that he and Shweta have been friends from the college days and it was in the third year of their college that they came to know about digital marketing through one of Rahul’s friends. Rahul and Shweta found it quite interesting and exciting and they researched lot about it on the Internet. 

After that, Rahul along with Shweta Parmar and Ratnesh Parmar created a website reallifejokes.com which worked pretty well for them as they started getting 3000 users daily within six months. The success of their first website motivated them to be more creative and innovative and then they came up with their second website software download (Apk Niche) which was very successful and it was also better in terms of revenue earning. 

However, the journey was full of ups and downs and there was a time when Rahul Barod was not able to get Google Adsense approval for his websites but now he has more than 30 blogs which are managed by his team members. 

At present, Rahul and Shweta are focusing on SR Global and SRNews and their vision is to become one of the leading players of the global industry. They are also working with various startups, helping them in managing their digital marketing and improving their performance. 

Rahul Barod feels that he has a long way to go but what he has learned till now in his journey is that a person should do whatever excites him with complete dedication and never give up attitude. He also feels that one mistake that many people make in their lives is that they learn and research a lot but fail when it comes to execution which is quite important if a person wants to achieve success.

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