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Step-by-step guide to download WhatsApp on Mac

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Meta-owned WhatsApp now offers a native Mac client for group video and voice conversations with up to 8 and 32 users, respectively. The updated program is user-friendly, streamlines on larger displays, and supports file sharing and conversation history. It requires macOS 11 or later and may be downloaded from WhatsApp.

WhatsApp, owned by Meta, launched a native Mac software last year after launching a Windows desktop app. Mark Zuckerberg, Meta’s CEO, announced this on Facebook.

Zuckerberg said, “We’re launching a new WhatsApp app for Mac, allowing group calls with up to 8 on video and 32 on audio.”

The recently released WhatsApp for Mac allows group calls from Mac devices. This first-time feature allows video and voice conversations with up to 8 and 32 participants, respectively.

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Even when the app is closed, users may join group calls, view their call history, and get call notifications.

Mac users will find the updated program easy to use on bigger displays. Users may now drag and drop files into conversations and view a longer chat history.

A fast method is available for Mac users to download WhatsApp:

Note: The new WhatsApp app is available on the WhatsApp website and will soon be in the App Store. WhatsApp Mac needs macOS 11 or later.

Simply visit WhatsApp.com on your Mac to download.
Click the prominent green download icon in the upper right corner.
Choose Mac from the Android, iOS, and Mac download options.
Click the Mac download icon to begin.
Choose the downloaded file after downloading.
Drag and drop the green WhatsApp file into Applications.
Go to Applications and find WhatsApp. Click it to launch it.
Start by logging in or creating a new account.

Like its other services, the platform encrypts texts and calls across devices.


Meta-owned WhatsApp has introduced a native Mac client for group conversations with up to 8 video and 32 voice users. This feature lets Mac users join group calls for the first time. Mac users will find the updated program easy to use on bigger displays. Users may effortlessly share files and view conversation history. Visit WhatsApp.com on your Mac, click the green download icon, pick Mac, and select the downloaded file to download the program. Drag and drop the file into Applications. Click the app to launch it and log in or create an account. WhatsApp uses end-to-end encryption to protect personal messages and calls across devices.

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