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India tops list of countries with most videos removed from YouTube in Q1 2023

Over the same period, YouTube removed 6.48 million videos for violating community guidelines.

The Community Guidelines Enforcement report covers YouTube flags and enforcement tactics worldwide.

Between January and March 2023, India removed over 1.9 million YouTube content for violating Community Guidelines.

However, the US removed 6,54,968 films, Russia 4,91,933, and Brazil 4,49,759 flicks.

YouTube said its Community Guidelines “protected the community against harmful content from the start. We enforce rules via machine learning and human assessors.

YouTube says it has invested much on neighborhood-protection laws and products.

It said “we believe educational efforts are successful at reducing the number of creators who unintentionally violate our policies” and that “the vast majority of creators upload content in good faith and do not violate policies” today.

The ‘Community Guidelines Enforcement report’ on video removals found that machines recognized over 93% of these movies.

“Of the videos detected by machines, 38% were removed before one view, and 31% received 1–10 views before removal,” it claimed.

This means that over 69% of inappropriate films detected by software had fewer than 10 views before being removed from YouTube.

YouTube removed 8.7 million channels for violating community standards in Q1 2023.

The statement said “the vast majority of these channels were terminated for violating our spam policies, including scams, false metadata or thumbnails, video and comments spam.”

YouTube removed 853 million spam comments in Q1 2023. About 99% of removed comments were automatically discovered.

YouTube announced today that creators who receive a Community Guidelines warning can take an instructional course.
Creators may learn how to avoid posting content that violates our regulations with these tools.


YouTube banned 6.48 million videos worldwide for breaking community guidelines between January and March 2023. India erased nearly 1.9 million videos, while the US, Russia, and Brazil removed 6,54,968. YouTube says its Community Guidelines safeguard the community from dangerous content and utilize machine learning and human assessors to enforce them. The corporation has invested much in neighborhood-protection legislation and products. Robots recognized over 93% of movies, removing 38% before a single watch and 31% between 1 and 10 views. YouTube removed 8.7 million channels in Q1 2023 for spam, including frauds, fraudulent metadata, and video and comment spam. Almost all removed comments were detected automatically. Creators may now attend an instructive training course when they receive a Community Guidelines notice, helping them avoid publishing anything that violates company regulations.

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