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Story of a teenager who became the owner of Rs. 480 crores empire

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This is an inspiring story of Bhavna Juneja who sold her mother’s boutique garments from door to door, now is the sole owner of her huge Rs. 480 crores empire.

From being an introverted teenager who must be moved by her mom to do house to house deals of items from their local shop, Delhi’s young lady Bhavna Juneja grew up into a determined worker business person, assembling a USD 65 million (roughly 487.5 crore) turnover business domain in under 20 years.

Her Life Journey – 

Delhi’s young lady Bhavna Juneja, 45, set up her first endeavor at age 17, turning into a purchasing specialist for a US organization, SS Dweck and Sons.

Afterward, after her marriage at 21 years, she moved to the US, where she joined as a secretary in an IT startup, demonstrated her courage in deals sacking bargains worth a great many dollars in a limited ability to focus, proceeded to claim the organization. 

As of now, she possesses Infinity, a drug, and life sciences organization, Venator an AI-based RPO (enlistment measure reevaluating) firm, Jammu, a style retail outlet, and Mpowered, resources the executive’s organization dispatched in June this year.

A business may have been in her qualities, yet it was her mom who prepared her in deals and implanted the trust in her to pursue her fantasies. 

Her personal Life – 

Her parents separated when she was only 13 and it influenced her colossally. The second brought into the world among three kin, she became saved and standoffish. “In any case, hermother pushed me and guaranteed that she went out and met individuals. 

“She would send me to sell gems, embellishing pieces, and other such things from her shophouse to house in the neighborhoods of Defense Colony, New Delhi, where we lived.

“She showed me early that ‘if individuals said no, you need to put in more effort and figure out how to deal with things better. It was a day-to-day existence exercise for Bhavna, who might before long shed her restraints in moving toward individuals and proceed to begin her organization at 17 years old. But this is how her early days struggle made her the courageous woman she is now and the only owner of Rs. 480 crores empire. 

She did her higher auxiliary from Mater Dei School and took her BA (1994-97) degree through correspondence from Delhi University to save money on costs.

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