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A man who helps people groove to his tunes: Abhishek Mhatre

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Abhishek Mhatre, a popular ANCHOR live show presenter and on stage laughter coach has an unique sense of humour, has an unique sense of humour, which is mirrored in his fashion taste. He’s a performer who’s made the stage his home and is bringing joy to millions of people with his one-of-a-kind shows. This pleasant anchor has a brisk schedule, with anchoring appearances scheduled up to a year in advance.

What is Abhishek Mhatre doing?

What is that one aspect of a live stage play that keeps the audience interested throughout the performance? It’s the Anchor and actor’s ability to host. He is known to offer the best in his field. People love to make him a part of the events because of his spontaneity. He is a humble and young person with a great personality. Not only in the field of anchoring but now Abhishek is coming in the field of acting as well and has a lot of upcoming projects in his hands. He is a budding talent and is winning hearts with his expertise. He has gained tremendous popularity in the arena of Wedding events. Wedding events being his forte, he makes the baraati’s swoon with his energy and stellar performance.

When it comes to having a strong stage presence, one name sticks out as an excellent host, anchor, performer, and presenter. Abhishek is known for his specialty of dance and humour. He has excellent dance moves and helps the audience groove to his moves for a great enjoyment. My forte is to make people dance to my tunes as this I the skill that I have learnt from the industry and now I am enjoying sharing it in my humor.

A multi-purpose anchor having hosted shows for celebrities and major companies for many years. Celebrity Live Concerts, Corporate Shows, Conferences, sangeet / Wedding Events, Promotions, Get-Togethers, College Fests, Product Launches, Award Ceremonies, Private Parties, Fashion Shows, Workshops, Seminars, are just some of the events I’ve worked on.

Wrap up

Are you also having any upcoming event in your family then get in touch with Abhishek Mhatre and he will turn your event into a joyful experience with his exciting sense of humor. 

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