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Strange but True: Parents abandon their child at airport without any ticket

A couple went through the identical procedure at an airport, and what occurred next will leave you speechless. When we were kids, our parents would never buy us a bus or train ticket and say, ‘our kids will sit on our lap’. Now that we’re talking about free baby travel, it doesn’t fully work in planes.

The pair, who were flying from Tel Aviv, Israel, to Brussels, Belgium, arrived late at Ben Gurion Airport to join a Ryanair aircraft because the check-in office had closed.

They refused to pay for another ticket, checked in with their kid in the stroller, and attempted to board the aircraft without the infant.

A manager working at the Ryanair counter observed this bizarre scenario and was taken aback.

The event was quickly reported to the police, and the parents were arrested at the airport before they could travel to Brussels.

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