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Success story of Ambrane a Rs 103 crore turnover smart device company

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A small mobile accessories shop has grown into a Rs.103 crore turnover business. Ambrane has become a top brand of smart devices on e-commerce sites.

Ambrane is an Indian electronics brand that was founded in 2012 with the aim of offering smart devices.

The company began its voyage with power banks, however over the years it has increased in number. Ambrane has expanded its consumer base and has established itself on e-commerce sites like Amazon & Flipkart, among the best Indian companies.

In 2001, throughout the 11 years that he witnessed the computer industry expanding Ashok Rajpal (39) was in the textile industry. He opted to go into this emerging industrie, despite his enormous development potential in the market for peripheral devices. Ashok started his journey, as a mobile accessories retailer. He combined his brain and fortune with that of his brother, Sanjay Rajpal (36), who already owned a tiny business in New Delhi.

Ashok says, he realised that you have to have a business plan revolving around technology if you want to succeed, as the the world is going to be smart. The brothers established Ambrane with a personal saving investment of Rs 10 lakh. When Ashok became involved in the manufacturing and retail powerbank company, the smartphone market grew up and the powerbank segment saw an untapped chance. He observes that, back then, the concept of power banks remained strange to India, but the product became more popular in countries including in China and Japan.

According to Ashok, people were not aware of the powerbank and why it’s use, so they decided to start with it. Moreover, demand for powerbanks was certain to rise in direct proportion with that for mobile phones. So, in 2014, Ambrane established its manufacturing facility in Kundli, Haryana, near Sonipat, and began producing powerbanks.

The company began offering powerbanks on different ecommerce platforms. However, because there was no dedicated category for powerbanks at the time, the product was placed under the category of chargers. Eventually eCommerce sites also created category for powerbanks.

The way the products started selling exceeded all of the founders’ expectations. Ambrane sold its power banks within three to four days, leaving the entrepreneurs surprised that this enormous demand for the market was still unsatisfied. Electrical firms have also succeeded in building on their portals a new product category.

Ashok says his company has amassed a 10-million-strong customer base in the powerbank sector alone, after rising to the top of that sector in the Indian market in a relatively short period of time.

Ashok added that Ambrane was one of the first businesses that adopted the idea of “Make in India” even before the movement officially began.

The company continued to move forward once its powerbanks started selling.

Ambrane now has more than 400 service facilities and 400 staff spread across India. The company has 15 million satisfied consumers, and that number is growing.

Ambrane has a lot to offer customers as it moves forward. The company is now primarily concerned with increasing its market share and strengthening its position in the accessories sector

The creators intend to expand the company’s portfolio into new markets on a regular basis in order to ensure its long-term success. According to Ashok, the personal care business in India is now monopolised by a few companies, but there is plenty of room for fresh and high-quality newcomers. We started with the men’s part and will shortly unveil the women’s segment.

Ambrane is also focusing on Iot devices and smart devices for future markets.

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