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Meet the Pune woman who is earning Rs. 1.5 lac a month from her salad business.

Pune woman who manages Rs 1.5 lac/mth salad business, Megha Bafna is a superwoman, who also manages her home and job successfully.

Megha Bafna desired to do more in than just do a job and look after her family. But the weight she had gained due to a medical problem stopped her from fulfilling her dreams. In her drive to develop a healthy lifestyle for herself, Megha transformed into an entrepreneur who helped many people get healthy. Her home-based salad business now earns her Rs. 1.5 lakh each month.

Megha Bafna has lived in Pune since she was a child and holds a degree in business from the city. She quickly became involved in real estate with the aim of being financially independent, and she has been working for the past 15 years. Her profession and personal life, however, caused her to gain tremendous weight.

She explains, “One of my legs is shorter than the other, and I had to undergo several treatments to strengthen my weaker leg, but mistakes in my therapy required me to be on bed rest for nearly 18 months following my son’s birth while I was in 9th standard. I was gaining weight as a result of all of these factors.”

Megha Bafna opted to incorporate salads into her diet since she wanted to get healthy again but couldn’t do anything physically. Her meals were so fascinating and unique that her coworkers devoured them as well. Megha’s entrepreneur recognised that there was a high need for such salad and started to explore, with her family’s support.

Megha Bafna began posting images of her salads on social media in March 2017, and she soon had over six orders.
Her first investment was merely Rs. 3500 to purchase material and packaging for the orders, and this is when her brand ‘Keep Good Shape’ was formed.

Megha Bafna claims that her salads were so popular that orders began to come in.
She hasn’t spent a dime on advertising.

She stated that, while junk food is widely available, healthy and delicious salads are either prohibitively expensive or not always available.

Megha sought to fill this need and began with five salad kinds; currently she sells over 27 varieties, always changing her recipes to make the salads healthier and more delicious.

What began with six orders from her kitchen has now grown to over 300 orders each day, with over 30 personnel including assistance and delivery staff.

Megha says, “|The company’s monthly sales exceed Rs. 4 lakh. My business was previously hampered by the coronavirus pandemic, but it is now back up and running.”

Megha earns lakhs from her salad business each month. But, she has no desire to leave a job where she works from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Megha says she enjoys her job and believes she can manage her salad business, job, and house with ease.

Megha is grateful to her husband and in-laws for their support. She says that it is because of their help that she is able to manage everything successfully.

Megha’s salad business is currently thriving in Pune, and she aims to expand to other cities as well.


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