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Suhani Sinalkar : A less-known edtech contributor

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Suhani Rahul Sinalkar is an edtech contributor, business manager, planner, and recipient of the Women Iconza Awards 2021.

Suhani Rahul Sinalkar is a meticulous managing director at Soham Classes LLP & managing partner with Edventure Coaches LLP tasked with the management of private tuition for students. Suhani Rahul Sinalkar has been nothing short of a firework ever since she joined the edtech group as a managing partner. After toiling her way to success in the industry for a decade, Suhani Rahul Sinalkar finally found solace at Soham classes LLP. Her journey has been a wild ride from the start with, difficulties that she braved and overcame through sheer will.

Brave Roots

Suhani Rahul Sinalkar was a bright lad in her school but had to struggle a lot for receiving higher education. After completing her management degree, she got a chance to serve as an associate at a local tuition firm, back when edtech wasn’t so popular. With only her raw talent, she amassed students with the inclination to build their careers. Students go to school to receive formal education but never once think about the logic behind education and its ability to shape careers. She raised awareness about the importance of edtech and helped parents and their wards to embark on a rewarding career path.

Suhani Rahul Sinalkar had never once thought that her efforts with edtech would materialize so early. After that, she started drafting an annual plan on development that included a much-needed growth in students, faculty, and the required infrastructure. Money for education is not something easy to come by and she takes the thought sternly. Business-oriented growth is quintessential for any edtech but she believes that all that growth is incomparable to the growth of students in terms of knowledge. She never compromised over the infrastructure that could help shape the future of the enrolled kids. top-notch faculty with ample seating space, mandatory doubt sessions, freedom to raise questions, and feedback, were a few methodologies she adopted to make the edtech environment much better.


Knowledge is acquired over a period of time and not every student grasps that knowledge on the same level. To tackle this problem Suhani Rahul Sinalkar encourages her students to come up to her even for minor inconveniences. Managing an institution is a daunting task itself but Suhani Rahul Sinalkar never misses a chance of one-to-one conversation with parents and guardians. Her unwavering commitment to the edtech and the sharp focus on maintaining active communication with students and their wards is the secret behind her success. Award and accolades are easy to come by, when you have a track record like Suhani Rahul Sinalkar, and she has won many laurels in edtech over the past decade. The most prominent one being the best excellence award for business management with International School,  which she won thrice, and is in talks for a fourth one.

Knowing what fame does to people, Suhani Rahul Sinalkar chose to be close to her roots. She believes that the real award is her students’ success which directly translates to edtech success. For her somber attitude and grit, Suhani Rahul Sinalkar earned a nomination for the Women Iconza Awards 2021, commencing on March 2, 2021, for her contributions towards edtech. The award is an effort to honor women with demonstrable experience and success in varying fields such as fashion, education, business, technology, startup, etc.

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