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Meet Pragya Goswami- a professional jewellery entrepreneur, life coach, and talented singer.

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Pragya Goswami, a self-growth catalyst, mentor and professional jewellery designer, was presented the prestigious Woman Iconza Award 2021 on the 2nd of March. The event was organised by Marketing Minds X Times Applaud in Mumbai.

Mrs Pragya Goswami proudly received this well-deserved award from Honorable Shri. Vinayak Raut Ji (Member of Parliament). The award ceremony is solely dedicated to honouring the Unstoppable Women Icons of our society.

Pragya is a certified gemmologist from GIA (gemmological institute of America). She has done her MBA in marketing from Symbiosis, Pune. Her inclination towards gemmology and jewellery inspired her to do a lot of other specialised courses on gemmology. When the big branded companies were already deeply rooted in the market, making a mark on her own was Pragya Goswami’s main challenge and the sole objective. Pragya’s vision statement was clear. She wanted to bring the so-called luxurious and precious jewellery line within reach of each woman irrespective of their not-so-high economic standing.

Pragya Goswami started her jewellery company Krishna Abha jewellers in 2009 in Bangalore. 

Her innovative idea of introducing an affordable diamond and gold jewellery line for every working woman in 2009 was an instant hit and helped her to establish herself in the market. She offered middle-class women the taste of real gold-diamond jewellery and that too, within their given budget (Her range started from ₹5000-25000 for light diamond jewellery). Pragya Goswami is a woman of passion with high ambition, which wants to propagate the theory of divine love. Her jewellery company “Krishna Abha “in a way symbolises this divinity about her.  

Pragya aspires to take her brand into the global market very soon. Currently, she is focusing on making fusion jewellery. In 2017, she shifted to Mumbai with her husband and lovely kids due to some personal commitments. There is rediscovered herself and launched the brand Rivansh

There is one more inspiring side of Pragya Goswami’s journey. Back in 2013, she under-went divorce from a troublesome first marriage. The emotional journey made her a more confident person and made her realise the need to empower women in distress and tap their hidden potential to excel in life. She worked hard on this issue and became a certified life coach and laws of attraction and mindfulness specialist. She is an NLP master practitioner. She is someone who will guide you from where you are and where you should be. The unstoppable woman continues to thrive for the betterment of females in society. For her mission, Pragya Goswami had founded an organisation, “Ignited Hearts,” and is currently working on it deeply. She even plans to set up an NGO to solves women grievances and a shelter-home for their upliftment shortly. 

The multi-tasker Pragya Goswami is an avid learner. Singing is her passion, and that’s the reason she started learning Hindustani Classical music. For her, singing directly connects to one’s inner soul. She had even started her Youtube channel by the name “lafzon ka tarana” two years back. She firmly believes that every person can live a happy life if he/she lives by passion and talent. What you need is consistency in whatever you do. To add to her kitty of achievements is one more dimension of her personality. She is a semi-finalist in the beauty pageant event of Mrs India world 2021.

According to Pragya Goswami – “Success is the only option”, so believe in yourself and carve your path. All human being have that spark in them. One needs to tap that inner strength.

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