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Thursday, October 5, 2023

Suzuki salutes the spirit of India’s Covid-19 warriors on Independence Day

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Suzuki Motorcycle India has created an Independence Day campaign to honour the spirit of India’s frontline Covid-19 warriors. The company will release footage of the two-wheelers on its official social media accounts as part of the campaign.

Suzuki Motorcycle India has started an Independence Day campaign with the goal of easing the load on our frontline pandemic warriors. It also includes a digital clip showing Indian individuals revving their stationary automobiles and urges that people not leave their houses on August 15th unless absolutely necessary.

Our frontline fighters have been battling Covid-19 responsibly, and we can assist them on Independence Day by keeping at home. Given the present pandemic crisis, this is the finest return gift we can give them. In these exceptional times, critical service providers and healthcare professionals have been a source of strength and stability. We have never witnessed a scenario like this in our lives, when the entire country has banded together to combat Covid-19.

Frontline professionals, such as medics, police officers, and social workers, are at the vanguard of this struggle, risking their lives every day for our protection. While most of us have the luxury of working from home, these soldiers continue to execute their duties and maintain the nation’s access to crucial services. To honour their efforts, SMIPL has launched the #ParkForFreedom initiative, which asks people to promise to stay within on Independence Day and avoid going outdoors unless absolutely essential.

Here’s how you can become involved in this campaign:

To take part, post a video on your social media accounts committing to Park For Freedom while parking your two-wheelers inside.

Don’t forget to tag @suzuki2wheelers on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, as well as the hashtags #ParkForFreedom, #SuzukiIndia, and #IndependenceDay.

The lucky contestants will have the opportunity to appear in Suzuki India’s Independence Day film.

This campaign clearly shows Suzuki India’s support for people who are spearheading the country’s battle against COVID-19 so that we can ride freely on highways again. So, show your appreciation to frontline workers by recording a message of solidarity and posting it to YouTube with the hashtags #ParkForFreedom, #SuzukiIndia, and #IndependenceDay.

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