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Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Taiwan Considers Visa-on-Arrival Policy for Indian Tourists

Taiwan is considering granting visa-on-arrival privileges to Indian travellers visiting its island nation, hoping to facilitate easier visits for Indian citizens. Taiwanese Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Chung Kwang Tien acknowledged the growing travel frequency from Indian nationals, with over 3,000 Indian students currently enrolled in Taiwanese institutions alone. Taiwan hopes its proposed arrangement for visa-on-arrival would make travel simpler for Indian nationals visiting for tourism, business or educational reasons.

Implementation of this initiative would benefit Indian travellers wanting to explore Taiwan’s rich culture, scenic landscapes, and vibrant cities. At present, Indian citizens must obtain visas before leaving home; the introduction of visa-on-arrival may make travel for Indian students living in Taiwan simpler as well.

Taiwan’s new visa policy aligns with similar measures taken by Thailand and Malaysia, who have previously introduced visa-free travel for Indian nationals to enhance travel opportunities and bilateral relations. Taiwan’s move could further strengthen ties between India and Taiwan and foster tourism and business exchange between their nations; given that Indian visitors continue to increase, this new policy may further cement already flourishing bilateral ties between both countries.

Consider visiting Taiwan when planning your visit; its cities such as Taipei are well-known for vibrant night markets and iconic skyscrapers like the iconic Taipei 101; Taroko National Park offers stunning gorges and hiking trails, Sun Moon Lake is ideal for relaxation amid lush forests, biking paths and scenic biking paths; Alishan is known for it’s stunning sunrise views over picturesque tea plantations while Kenting National Park showcases Taiwan’s tropical charms with beaches, coral reefs and vibrant nightlife in the south

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