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PUREXA: Revolutionizing Oral Care with Expertise and Commitment

On World Oral Health Day, March 20th, 2020, PUREXA Global Private Limited proudly introduced its flagship brand, PUREXA, marking a significant milestone in oral wellness. The launch heralds a new era of dental care, bringing together cutting-edge formulations and the expertise of the most respected dental professionals from New Delhi.

A Dentist-Formulated Success

PUREXA’s product lineup, which includes Probiotic Toothpaste, Herbal Sensitive Toothpaste, Healthy Gums+ Curcumin Toothpaste, Antioxidant Mouthwash, Hydrogen Peroxide Mouthwash, Gum Serum, Sonic Sleek Electric Toothbrushes (Onyx Black and Crimson Red), Bamboo Toothbrushes, Bamboo Tongue Cleaner and Teeth Whitening Pen, is a testament to years of dedicated research and innovation. Spearheaded by leading figures in India’s dental fraternity, PUREXA’s offerings are designed to address a wide range of dental needs with evidence-based, clinically validated solutions. Additionally, our latest upcoming products such as the Copper Tongue Cleaner & Complete Teeth Whitening Regimen will expand our comprehensive Teeth Whitening Product Series.

Customer-Centric and Environmentally Conscious

The brand swiftly gained acclaim, with over 100,000 units sold and over 30,000 orders completed. Customers have rated PUREXA’s products highly, reflecting their satisfaction and trust. Beyond delivering top-notch dental care, PUREXA is committed to sustainability, offering eco-friendly products that align with global environmental standards. Trusted by more than 3000 Dentist Pan India for the Evidence-Based Product Portfolio to benefit millions of patients for their dental needs.

Quality and Certification

PUREXA’s dedication to quality is underscored by its ISO and GMP certifications, ensuring that every product meets the highest safety and efficacy standards. The company’s ongoing commitment to research and development guarantees that its product range evolves in line with the latest advancements in dental science.

Commitment to Society

At the core of PUREXA’s philosophy is a commitment to societal well-being. The brand’s initiatives are guided by a principle that places product excellence and customer satisfaction above profit. This ethos is reflected in their proactive engagement with dental communities and their contributions to improving oral health awareness.

We are available on almost every big platform like Amazon.in and Amazon.com, Flipkart, Netmeds, 1mg, and many more. You can buy from our website from anywhere in India.

For more information about PUREXA and its innovative Oral Care Products, visit PUREXA Global.

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