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Tech Powered Start-up G7 Logistics turns out Game Changer for Businesses & Industries in India

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Certainly, Technology has made many changes in our lives and it won’t be wrong to say that our smartphones are now the one-stop solution to all our problems. Almost all our day to day transactions like shopping, banking, tickets, cabs etc.  are now handled by Smartphones. 

Today, we will let you know about a start-up which has brought this digital transformation to the field of logistics and transportation. This sector was one of the most unorganized sectors but G7 has definitely succeeded in bringing a phenomenal revolution in it.

G7 Group is an Indian tech-oriented startup which has brought all the players of Logistics Market under one roof for boosted growth in business. As a gigantic network of Fleet Owners, Drivers, Transporters, Packers & Movers and Parcel Services, G7 has enabled businesses to grow phenomenally and made it easy for customers to book these services as per their budget and requirement. Though G7 has made booking a truck is now as easy as booking an Uber or Lyft, they have an unconventional Operational and Revenue Model. Users and Service Providers can use G7 by just installing their App from the Google Play Store.

The G7 App is beneficial for both Service Providers and Customers because while it will help the former in getting orders easily, the latter will also be able to book any service with a click and at a reasonable price. They can register themselves on a single app and use the part they want and even switch easily with a click.

Earlier, Transporters had to face the stiff competition of the transport markets leading to extreme cost cutting and low survivability. At the same time, they weren’t able to find any return trips in unfamiliar markets leading to wastage of fuel, time and manpower but through G7 they get bookings relevant to them with minimal competition and possibility of getting consignments for their return trips. On the other hand, end customers had no idea how to book such services and being unaware of the market prices, they usually end up paying a lot more than reasonable fares.

The app will allow fixed number transporters near the pickup location to call the user to discuss their fares, availability and conditions and the user can book the most convenient.

What’s more, this App gives everyone a chance to earn a handsome amount of money by associating as a Franchise and just promote the App to maximum number of people including transporters, businesses and vehicle owners and encourage them to book and make orders through this app. G7 is a totally technology oriented platform and the people who take franchise need not have any office or vehicle to work and earn through this app.

 Developed by young Indian student-entrepreneur Daksh Agrawal, G7 is an online logistics and transportation solution that provides its users best possible solutions and deals even with limited resources.

With G7, customers are able to book Transportation at 5-30% less prices from the group of 58k registered verified partners across the country.

 It is certainly a win-win situation for transporters as well as customers apart from being a great earning opportunity for franchises. For more info visit website & Youtube

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