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On this Independence Day Let’s Celebrate Financial Independence with LTP Calculator!

Vinay Prakash Tiwari founder of Investing Daddy is not only a name but a ray of hope for Intraday option buyers. His invention of LTP Calculator & idea of automation of the same as well as dedication towards Investing Daddy Community members differentiate him from other stock market trainers. 

In an interview Mr. Vinay said “The market is dynamic, nothing is fixed here so if one really wants to enjoy the profits, one needs to think dynamic. We have already got freedom 74 Years back but most of the people are still fighting for financial freedom. To achieve financial freedom, one needs to gain a lot of knowledge & spend a lot of time with experienced investors. For the same we have created an Investing Daddy community in which more than 3000 Intraday Option traders are really enjoying the way they are being developed as a full-time trader & investor.”

LTP calculator is a dynamic tool & gives amazing results. Nifty, Bank Nifty, & F&O stocks are showing extraordinary results. The LTP Calculator challenges the levels of Indicators, Fibo or candlestick Support & resistances because most of them are based upon Historical data. 

When we are trading in the current market & watching historical data Support & resistance, we never know what was volume force or open interest at that particular time so that many times we are unable to judge that support or resistance is weak or strong. But while reading the option chain, we easily understand the support & resistances & its extensions. Even by watching Volume force, Open Interest & change in open interest one can predict that the support & resistance is strong or weak & decide about initiating the trades.

In his webinars Mr. Vinay Prakash has given the theory of cross LTP’s. When we use straddle 1st resistance level it is said that 66%-time Index or stocks do the break it’s; ever but Mr. Vinay Prakash made some changes in this theory & gave the theory of cross LTP’s. He back-tested this theory for 5 plus years & found that Index & stocks do not break it 96% times which is 30% more than Straddle levels.

One of the community members Mr. Mukteshwar Patra says “Simply Amazing Mr. Vinay Jee has both the talent of sharing world class research content and at the same time an excellent coach. Hats off sirjee! Very logically linked content and yet you made it so simple for us. Enormous energy and patience you have while you explain things beautifully with equitable examples. I must say “BAZAAR SIMPLIFIED” by the great Statesman of domain Sj. Vinay Tiwari.  I am feeling privileged to be associated with you and finding you my mentor.  God bless you for the great and noble intent of forming a community.”

The Investing Daddy Community founded by Mr. Vinay Prakash Tiwari is growing regularly in the manner of community members as well as community features. On weekly expiry live market sessions give amazing experience to its members. Initially the LTP Calculator was manual but further from the first of September it is going to be automatic for all the community members with the availability of historical data which will really help the members to learn a lot.

On Financial Freedom Mr. Vinay Prakash Tiwari says ” We think before buying a car, house even if we are buying a shirt but while investing, we just get convinced in the lucrative offers of fraud stock tippers & lose a lot of hard-earned money. But if one invests in gaining knowledge & experience, this will help to keep on growing for their whole life specially in the distribution phase of life which means the financial freedom after retirement. & The dream of Investing daddy is to show you the right path of Investing”


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