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Meet the couple that gave up Rs 1.25 lac salary to sell Tandoori Chow Mein at The Boss Cafe

Mohit and Mahek Arora earned a combined monthly salary of Rs 1.25 lakh, which they gave up. They then built a food kiosk, The Boss Cafe, which is now popular.

Mohit Arora, a chemical engineer from Delhi, married cosmetologist Mahek in 2018. The husband and wife had a nice existence, as they claim to have a combined monthly salary of Rs 1.25 lakh. However, the desire to one day own their own business was always present.

Mahek says, they were thinking about launching a salon or a street food business.

The 32-year-old adds that beginning a food business required less capital than starting a salon.

As a result, they decided to build a food kiosk, which led them to start the Boss Cafe in a small shed of a scooter garage.

It contained less dangers, according to Mahek, and the prospects of significant losses were limited.

To mitigate their risks, Mahek and Mohit discussed with their respective employers the possibility of returning to their previous work in six months if the enterprise failed to take off.

In 2019, the pair decided to open a weekend kiosk in Ayodhya Chowk, near Rohini Sector 7, serving two items under the name The Boss Cafe. It served momos and soya chaap, a soy delicacy (dumplings).

“We invested Rs 50,000, and my brother-in-law joined to help with the firm,” she recalls.

According to Mahek, the pair experienced numerous logistical challenges in addition to struggling to build the firm.

Mahek says, she also faced many sexist comments from rivals in the area as she was the only female in the neighborhood entering the business. She says, the couple often thought that the business would not last and they will have to end it. But, Mahek also says that the couple ignored all the negative thoughts and comments to focus on the work.

She further says, “Mohit enjoys cooking and frequently produces innovative dishes such as noodle dishes with Tandoori Masala and sauce. We decided to introduce such food products to set ourselves apart from the competition, and Tandoori Chow Mein was born. Noodles are cooked with vegetables and homemade Tandoori Masala in this dish.”

Tandoori Chow Mein, which costs Rs 100 per plate, has gone viral on social media.

According to Mohit, the little kiosk’s chef, “every mouthful of the food item has a lingering Tandoori flavour.”

In terms of the business, he explains, “It was slow in the beginning, mainly because we only supplied a few food options. We gradually expanded the menu to include items such as baked cheese spaghetti, chilli potatoes, spring rolls, and other items.”

The COVID-19 shutdown, according to Mohit, began when their business began to grow.

He says, the couple barely made it out of the situation, but they reopened once the lockdown limitations were lifted. But, because the food is inexpensive and the cost of raw materials continues to rise, the profit margins are minimal.

The Boss Cafe now serves approximately 100 consumers every day, generating a monthly revenue of Rs 3 lakh.

Mohit and Mahek Arora hope to open a restaurant in the future.


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