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The Cheat Meal Guide: What It’s All About and How to Do It Right

All those who want to shed those extra pounds and are on a strict diet regime, are well aware of the term, ‘Cheat Meal’. Cheat meals are essentially a strategic deviation from your regular meal which is usually high on sugars and fat and can hinder your weight loss journey. These meals give you a chance to take a much-needed break from the strict diet plan. It’s fine to indulge yourself now and then but be cautious not to go overboard as it can wreak havoc with your diet goals.

Are Cheat Meals important?

Cheat meals are important for people who restrict themselves for a long duration and wait for that one day they can gorge on the food of their choice. Again, this varies from person to person, as some may not want a cheat meal at all. A weekly cheat meal helps boost your metabolism and prevents cravings and feelings of deprivation which is quite common. This also helps people stick to their diet plan for a longer duration and consequently achieve their weight loss goal.

A cheat meal can bring psychological relief too as you don’t feel totally restricted.

How many cheat meals can one have?

Planning is essential if one really wants to lose some weight. For example, plan a cheat day on the weekend or on any special occasion when you are more likely to crave fatty food. This way you can reduce your calorie intake earlier so that all that fat and sugary food does not do any major damage to your schedule. Don’t let your cheat meal turn into cheat days!

Top Hacks to Cheat the Cheat Meal

Cheat on a Busy Day – Cheat on a day you are active as your metabolism is increased your body uses that extra energy and you don’t feel sluggish.

Compensate for the Cheat meal – By bringing small changes in your cheat meal you can save on some extra calories. For example, if you are eating Butter chicken, go for Roomali roti instead of butter nans. Similarly, reducing milk in your coffee can reduce a good amount of calories.

Use Cheat meals as a Reward only – Eating cheat meals only as a reward will automatically reduce the number of cheat meals you have.


As the saying goes, ‘Excess of everything is bad”. Have cheat meals occasionally and in a planned manner so that they do not do any harm and you feel satisfied too.

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