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Monday, May 29, 2023

The failed swap: Two foreigners arrested for flying to wrong destinations!

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An official stated that two people were detained by Mumbai Police after they reportedly switched boarding tickets at the airport in Mumbai for flights to England and Kathmandu, respectively. In Mumbai’s Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport, the event happened.

The officer said that the 22-year-old Sri Lankan national, who was travelling on a fake passport, and the 36-year-old German national switched boarding tickets in the airport’s lavatory before departing for London and Kathmandu, respectively.

A flight attendant with an airline noticed that the Sri Lankan national’s passport seemed to contain a bogus departure stamp, which led to the discovery of the problem.

The departure stamp number on the passport was also discovered to be different from the departure stamp number on his boarding card, the official reported. The Sri Lankan citizen, who had entered the UK, confessed his true identity after realising he had been apprehended, the police claimed. He was then deported to Mumbai.

According to the official, he informed the police that he desired to travel to the UK in order to pursue better employment opportunities. He said that the German national who had the boarding card for a flight to Kathmandu was also detained by the authorities.

The two foreigners were questioned, and it was discovered that they had both spent the night of April 9 at a luxurious hotel close to the airport in Mumbai, where they had planned to switch boarding cards, the official said.

According to him, two people have been arrested by the Sahar police for fraud, forgery, and criminal conspiracy. He stated that the authorities were looking into if there were any further suspects.

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