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The Indian chess team coach at the Commonwealth Championship in Sri Lanka will be Kiran Agrawal of Chhattisgarh

International chess player Kiran Agrawal of Steel City Bhilai has been named the only female coach of the Indian chess team for the second time, according to the All India Chess Federation, adding yet another illustrious chapter to the chess history of Chhattisgarh. From November 13 to November 23, she will go to Sri Lanka with the 16-person Indian chess squad for the Commonwealth Chess Championship. In 2004, Kiran was hired for the first time as the Indian chess team’s coach for a tour of Lebanon, and under her leadership, the team won a silver medal.

At the Chess Olympiad held in Chennai this year, Kiran served as one of the torchbearers.

In 2001, Vinod Rathi, another national chess champion, was chosen to coach the Junior U-20 India team as they travelled to Athens for the event.

The World Chess Federation awarded Kiran, the only female chess player from the state, the title of “Women FIDE Master.” Kiran has represented India in over 15 significant nations, including London, Dubai, Germany, Yugoslavia, Bangladesh, and Doha (Qatar), and her performances have left her competitors in awe. In recognition of her accomplishments, the government of the then-undivided Madhya Pradesh awarded her the Vikram Award in 1986.

Rahul Ramakrishnana and Charvi A (U-8) are two of the players on the Indian team, along with Vivaan Vishal Shah and Aadya Ranganath (U-10), Goutham Krishna H and Shubhi Gupta (U-12), Bagwe Gaurang and Anupam Sreekumar (U-14), Pranesh M, and Boramanikar. Iniyan P, Chitlange Sakshi, and Bhagyashree Thipsay, as well as Tanisha S (U16), Soham Kamotra, and Rindhiya V (U-18), Priyanka Nutakki (U-20), and seniors

Prasenajit Dutta, Ravichandran V, and Praveen Thipsay are additional coaches.

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