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The man shares his work secret who got salary hikes, promotions despite doing nothing at job for 5 years

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A man has explained how he followed the adage “work smarter, not harder” to heart and managed to obtain promotions and raises despite “doing nothing” at work for five years.

In 2015, the man landed a night-shift data entry job. “It was a data entry role, which means I would get an email with the specifics of a purchase and then enter the information into our system,” he explained on Reddit.

He knew he could utilise code to get the job done after receiving training. He hired a freelancer to write the code for him because he didn’t know how to code. This cost him two months’ pay.

All he had to do was tell it how many orders he wanted processed every hour.

“I’ve been working from home since day one because the firm didn’t want to pay for transportation or cleaning during the night shift,” the man explained.

For the first two years, the man would check to see if there was anything the code couldn’t accomplish, which didn’t take much time. He would then leave the computer running and watch movies, sleep, or even go out. The man then incorporated those functions into the code as well.

He stated that he was offered promotions several times for his outstanding work “.. He received better employment offers, but he declined them because “There was no need for me to leave where I was.”

The man’s colleagues may sometimes may strive to match my order entry quota. This would cause him to open the code and modify an 8 to a 9 to enhance his production and keep himself on top. He’d update the numbers on a regular basis “just in case,” but no one seemed to notice.

He also received salary increases twice for not taking leave. The man stated after obtaining encouragement from fellow Redditors, “I always felt some secret shame, but I knew in this subreddit I’d find support. Though I did try to tell them at one point, I didn’t make a concerted effort.”

It took his employers four years to design a programme to replace his role.

He remarked, “I received my severance pay a few weeks ago, was informed I could retain the laptop and office equipment, and that I could apply for any position I wanted.never mentioned it to anyone in real life, not even my family, and even my wife had no idea what my employment with the other company entailed.That is no longer the case. That’s my darkest work secret.”

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