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The success story of Mr. Prassana Patwardhan

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Success is all about struggle and hardships. The only way to succeed is by working and putting in the right amount of effort. Put your hand up if you watch a motivational video, especially those videos that motive you for a successful life. Put your hand up if you have tried to execute those motivational thoughts in your life, but you ended up with a broken heart. I can assume that there are many hands up in the air, supporting the statement I presented. The life around us is quite busy, and everyone is a member of a rat race. Someone is holding a whip and ordering us to run- you have to win. And this someone is our Destiny. 

To survive the competition, we have set a benchmark for yourself. When we fail to accomplish the goal, we have aimed. We mark Ourselves as a failure and start watching all these motivational videos. But the truth is the reality is too hard! A video won’t be able to motivate us.

If you feel like failing, every time you need to go through this post. I have a very interesting and inspiring memoir that can inspire you in real life. A success story based on reality can inspire you to the utmost. Hence don’t miss the write-up on a person who has brought a new revolution in the world of mobility solutions. 

An Inspiring Story Of A Young Basketball Player.

In 1962, a small boy was born in Pune into a conventional Maharashtrian joint family. He grew up with lots of love from the 24 other members of his family. Out of love and respect, the boy’s family members gave the name Prassana (satisfied from the heart). His father used to run a traveling business. But Prassana wanted to be a basketball player. 

His upbringing was similar to another Maharashtrian family. He completed his schooling at Nutan Marathi school. After completion of schooling, he graduated in science from Fergusson and completed the management degree from symbiosis. 

Prassana wanted to be a sportsman from very childhood days, so he joined the Maharashtra basketball team. He has represented India as a captain and later as a coach of the Maharashtrian team. But one accident made him stay away from sports for the rest of his life. 

Once Prassana said, “ If I would have continued as a sportsperson, then all this wouldn’t have happened, and I would’ve probably have become a TC (ticket collector) in the railways at the end of my career.” 

Stepping into a new life. 

Prasanna has to leave his passion due to his knee injury. He was not prepared for such a significant change. Destiny deceived him, but that didn’t stop him from growing into a star. He joined his family business. His father used to run a taxi service in Pune. His father kept the name of the company on his name- Prassana travelers. 

The Prassana Travels. 

With the magical touch of Prassana Patwardhan, the business, which started with 4 taxis in 1964, transformed into a big giant in transportation. With 30+ experience, 240+ million passengers, 95 million kilometers journey, 1200+ vehicles, 4000+ manpower, 85+ serving city, Prassana purple has become a Brand in the Mobility solution. His magical touch and innovative thought process bound his destiny to acknowledge defeat in front of him. 

There was a time Prassana Patwardhan, The Ceo of Prasanna Purple, had to face a critical time in his business. The chief client of the mother company (Prasanna Travels ) dejected the taxi service. This was the time when the company had to face a setback. Mr. Patwardhan stepped into the business world to support his father. 

From Prassana Travel to Prassana Purple.

From 1985, something new started in the office of Prassana Travels. He joined as CEO and started working on modernizing the company. It took almost 6 months to rebuild everything and give a contemporary look to the business. He started working on grabbing a new customer. Due to the lack of drivers, he has to drive the bus. And with time, the turnover of Prassana travel tripled — It started from 3 lakhs per annum in 1985 within 10 years, the turnover of the company was 10 crore. 

The Parting thought. 

This story will inspire those people who want to take their family business to another level. The most exciting thing about Mr. Prassana is that he never let him feel like a failure. He has taken every challenge sportingly like a true sportsman. He has to live his passion, but that didn’t stop him from being a Brand. Today he is a Brand in the world of mobility. If you feel low, always remember the story of Mr. Prassana Patwardhan, The CEO of Prassana Purple Mobility Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

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