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These 3 siblings became PCS officers after studying & fighting over books in one room

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Every year, lakhs of young people prepare for civil service tests, but only about half of them are able to take them. Later on, the selection is restricted to those who can be counted on one hand.In such a case, the selection of two candidates from a single district is likewise significant for the district. This test was won by three brothers and sisters from a single family, not from a single district in Jammu.

The three brothers and sisters who accomplished this extraordinary achievement are from Jammu’s Doda region. All three have passed the Jammu and Kashmir Civil Services Examination (JKCSE).

Huma Wani is the eldest sister, Ifra Anjum Wani is the younger sister, and Suhail is the youngest brother. According to sources, Ifra and Suhail passed the exam on their first try, whereas Huma had to retake it twice.

The unique thing about these three is that their rankings are all among the top 150. Even more importantly, these three brothers and sisters are the first in their family to be hired by the government.

His father, Munir Ahmad Wani, is a labour contractor, while his mother is a housewife. His boyhood was spent in Jammu’s Kahara and Kishtwar cities, but in 2010, Ahmed Wani moved to Doda near Bahu Fort for his children’s schooling.

This is a temporary settlement located five kilometres from the main road. A family of five lives in three separate rooms. In such a case, the number used to rise more when visitors arrived. And the visitors kept coming and departing. The home housed 10-12 people in the winter and 6-8 people in the summer.

Even in this situation, Ahmed Wani, who makes around $20,000 per month, made every effort to educate his children. The youngsters never shied away from hard effort.

Suhail graduated from Government MAM College in 2019, according to the article. In 2020, Huma and Ifra completed an MA in Political Science at IGNOU.  Then, in 2021, all three chose to study for the civil examination.

“She didn’t have a mobile phone,” Ifra said about her struggle and achievement.

Each topic had only one book from which all three students studied. Huma and Suhail were often fighting over who got to read from a book in such a setting. Later, it was Ifra who would mediate between them.

Huma claims that she had no notion what to study or how to study. Suhail wishes to join the police force because he believes that the profession entails both power and responsibility.

His belief is that he should attempt to combat the drug problem in Jammu and Kashmir.  At the same time, both sisters desire to enter the administrative service and do good for the underprivileged members of society.

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