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Things to keep in mind while travelling during General Elections 2024

Traveling during General Elections 2024, entails navigating through the democratic process with care and responsibility. With General elections commencing next week, it’s important for both domestic and foreign tourists to keep in mind certain crucial guideline and travel tips to ensure their safety and convenience of amidst this political fervour.

Let’s delve into these travel tips that every traveller should keep in mind during this election season.

There is a Cash Limit-The Election Commission (EC) has stringent rules regarding movement of cash during election period. The guideline clearly states that people can’t carry more than Rs 50,000 in cash without supportive documents (three documentary proofs, including legal source and end use). Unaccounted cash, if found during checking, will be seized.

Citizens carrying cash worth Rs 10lakhs or more or one kg bullion/jewellery will be directly refereed to IT dept.

Avoid carrying Liquor and costly gift items. –There is a strict restriction on the movement of liquor bottles, drugs, gift items (worth more than Rs 10000). Some states rules do allow carrying up to two sealed bottles of liquor but its better to be mindful of this restriction.

Polling day is a public holiday: On voting day all shops, malls, public places, eateries are closed. So, plan the itinerary as per poll dates.

Tight Security & Increased Police Vigilance: You may encounter heightened security and frequent check stops while travelling during election time. Don’t be alarmed. Cooperate.

As per Standard operation procedure you are prohibited to enter the polling station area within 100 meters using a vehicle.

Opt for national highways to travel: Though there is less traffic on voting day but try to take road trips that encompass highways.

Travel with Your ID Card during elections anywhere in the country. Having proper identification will help you avoid any problems at checkpoints.

Verify your transportation options in advance as public conveyance may not operate in some routes.

Critical tips for International Travellers in India

  1. Track any travel advisories issued by your embassy or consulate.
  2. Schedule your travels according to polling dates at your destination
  3. Avoid engaging in political discussions, large gatherings, rallies, and demonstrations.
  4. Carry your original Identification like passport, & visa
  5. Keep handy local emergency contacts, and embassy details.
  6. Respect people’s privacy during elections and evade taking photographs or videos without permissions.

Remember to stay informed about national and state rules and follow them to ensure a smooth and safe travel experience during election season.


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