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This couple employed over 2000 women in their Itsy Bitsy fun filled business

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Harish and Rashmi Closepet, a Bengaluru-based couple, have been running a thriving women’s apparel firm for over 20 years. They have effectively given work for over 2000 women, as well as entertaining activities in the lives of thousands of individuals worldwide.

Crafting has always been a delightful hobby for any youngster during their school years, but Harish and Rashmi Closepet considered taking it a step further.

Scrapbooking developed in Utah, United States, and became enormously popular in the 1960s. Card making and mixed media [an art style formed by combining diverse media such as ink, paint, and water colours] had also grown prominent around that time, but it has recently had a renaissance and has become immensely popular.

Harish and Rashmi Closepet, a Bengaluru-based couple, were persuaded to turn this enjoyable hobby into a full-fledged company. They have effectively given work for over 2000 women, as well as entertaining activities in the lives of thousands of individuals worldwide.

They stunned everyone by converting this enjoyable childhood sport into their preferred company, with a revenue of Rs. 64 crore. Through their two enterprises, AEC Offshore Pvt. Ltd. and Itsy Bitsy Pvt. Ltd., they manufacture, sell, and export the art.

Rashmi is a homoeopath by training, and her husband works as an engineer. They had left their prosperous life in Australia ten years ago and returned to Bengaluru. They desired to work for a cause that would benefit society. They chose to assist rural women by assisting them in becoming self-sufficient and standing on their own via the use of crafts.

They have expanded their work into acrylic paints, home décor, and jewellery, in addition to their original concentration on handmade goods. They established training facilities for women in regions like Mandya, Chamarajanagar, and Hesaraghatta and taught them how to make handmade paper.

The pair began with 40 female employees and has now grown to about 2000 female employees. They originally entered the retail industry in 2007 with the opening of their first Itsy Bitsy store in Bengaluru. They now have roughly 21 Itsy Bitsy stores in seven different states across the country, with 11 of them in Bengaluru and the rest distributed across cities such as Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi, and Hyderabad. Despite the fact that it took them some time to work things out, the dedicated and loving pair did not give up on their aspirations.

Rashmi describes how their female employees approach them and tell them how they had established their own homes, successfully educated their children, and begun to live life on their terms.

Both of them are overjoyed and satisfied that their ambition of making our community a better place has come true. They prove that if we are determined to achieve anything, we will always find a way to do it.

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