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Know why and when to say no for self-respect & to get what you want

Personality Development Suggestions: The individual who says no is frequently seen repenting. That is why it is believed that one should establish a practise of not speaking, particularly at work.

There are several downsides to never saying ‘no’ at work. It is essential to say no, whether in personal or professional life. One thing is clear at the office: the individual who always says ‘yes’ gets one job after another. Being unable to say no becomes a part of a person’s nature, and there comes a moment when those in front of them expect the person who has never said no to do so even now. There are several more downsides to not saying no, even if it is beneficial to develop the practise of saying no.

When you say yes to everything, your workload grows, and your stress level rises. Many times, this tension becomes so severe that it causes health concerns.

When you do not decline any task and always say yes, people have higher expectations of you at the company. Whether it’s your employer or a coworker, people begin to suspect that whether anything happens or not, you will not say no. They raise their expectations as a result, and when you say no, they have difficulties processing it.

There are numerous such tasks that do not help you, yet you must complete them because you are unable to say no. Many times, you are asked to do more work than you are paid for.

People are unable to say no at work in order to satisfy everyone or maintain a good reputation. However, it is critical to realise when it is vital to say no. If you are unable to say no, you are required to work excessively and this task beyond your capabilities, and you are exhausted, realise that you should say no. Even if you have to work by battering your thoughts, you must say no.

If you feel like saying no, but you are saying yes to please the person in front of you or to increase your own load to satisfy the boss, recognise that you must say no. You should fortify yourself and begin saying no. If you begin to feel anxious after saying yes to every activity, this is an indication that you should begin saying no.

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