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This female entrepreneur got Sassy Sassu’s praise for leaving abusive husband, starting anew life

Domestic violence is still a concern for women even in these modern times. One such woman called, Neeta, who refused to be a victim of domestic violence, today owns 13 buses after surviving an abusive marriage and a difficult environment.

The strong-willed and successful female entrepreneur told the Official Humans of Bombay about what she had gone through. According to a video published by the account on Instagram, she was beaten up by her mother as a youngster, and her father, who appeared to be an alcoholic, showed little concern for her. Her mother committed suicide when she was six years old, and her father left her.

Her grandparents raised her, and married her to a 22-year-old police officer, when she was just 14 years old. Her husband was allegedly aggressive and drunk. The couple had three children.

Neeta says she stood by her husband when he went broke and they had to live in a slum. She even overcame odds by learning how to ride scooters, cars, and vans. Her husband used to tell her she can’t achieve anything,’ which motivated Neeta to work harder.

She says men in similar businesses felt threatened by Neeta’s success and turned her husband against me. “I’d had enough when he said, I’ll kill you!” she added.

She divorced her spouse at the age of 34 and finished her degree alongside her children. Meanwhile, her business was thriving.

In the video, she is seen bravely boarding and riding a bus. “Eight years later, I own 13 buses!” My girls are self-sufficient, and my son has relocated to Canada. Life is wonderful!

The woman’s story inspired many online, including Manjri Varde, alias “Sassy Sassu,” the mother-in-law of star Sameera Reddy. Varde  has written on Twitter that Neeta is an “Incredible Woman… “I have traveled so many times by Neeta Travels but never knew the inspiring story behind its inception, thanks for sharing,” said another Instagram user. More power to such women who serve as role models for so many others.”


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