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This football team could get 100 million euro in Champions League prize money

Inter Milan stands to earn a substantial amount of prize money from the Champions League, with estimates suggesting that the figure could exceed €100 million if the team manages to make it to the final of the tournament.

According to an Italian news outlet, the Nerazzurri’s potential earnings from the final have been revealed. Inter Milan has reportedly earned a staggering amount of almost €85 million from the Champions League in prize money so far.

The statement pertains to the Nerazzurri’s journey towards the second-to-last round of the competition. The earnings are derived from a blend of prize money awarded for participation up to the semifinals and the market pool.

Unexpected Champions League Windfall Already in the Bag for Inter Milan Inter Milan did not take their qualification for the Champions League knockout rounds this season for granted. The situation was further intensified for the Nerazzurri when they were placed in a group alongside Barcelona and Bayern Munich.

The team has not only advanced to the knockout stage, but has also made significant progress. Participation in the group stage, followed by progression through the round of sixteen, quarterfinals, and semifinals, has resulted in a significant financial windfall.

The allocation of the market pool in the Champions League to Serie A teams is still undetermined, but the progress of Nerazzurri, Milan, and Napoli in the competition is expected to provide an additional
influx of funds.

Inter Milan’s earnings have the potential to reach triple digits. Inter Milan have taken a significant step towards the Champions League final following their 2-0 victory over AC Milan in the first leg of the semifinals.

The Nerazzurri are inching closer to European club football’s biggest match in more than a decade, but the job is far from finished. Should Inter manage to progress to that stage, their earnings are set to exceed €100 million, taking into
consideration the final sum generated from the market pool.

Amidst the financial struggles faced by the Nerazzurri, this development would undoubtedly come as a welcome relief. Furthermore, in the event of Inter’s victory in the Champions League, there would be an additional feather in their cap.

Although the team may not be prioritizing the financial aspect of an unlikely victory, it could certainly benefit them. The upcoming competition boasts a grand total of €8.3 million in prize money, with the winning team set to receive €4.5 million. Additionally, the victorious squad will also earn earnings from next season’s
European Super Cup.


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