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This Girl Makes Up to Rs 10 Lakh/Month With Her Instagram & Blog

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You do not need a fancy degree or a well-experienced resume to make it. Though only a few have fully achieved and made their life worthwhile with this mantra, you can do it. Here’s an influencer with over 710k followers on Instagram, 66,580 followers on twitter and 172k subscribers on YouTube. Aashna Shroff is a self-made Fashion Blogger, who made it, without a huge degree and first-hand experience in fashion. Her blog The Snob Journal is one of the biggest blogs on the internet and you wouldn’t believe the money she makes off of it.

In an interview with Beer Biceps, Aashna revisited her childhood which ‘made her into what she is today’. Her mother got divorced when Aashna was not even born. Her mom decided to work and raise her daughter while living with her parents and sister, who has down syndrome. Her mother was always working and sweating it out to feed the family which was totally dependent on her income.There was a time when the family had only Rs 1,500 to survive on with nothing to look forward to. Such hardships instilled a sense of responsibility in Aashna from early on and she knew she had to soon be independent and self-sufficient, just like her mom.

Aashna understood the responsibilities she had to take on, fairly early in life. She worked in Euro Kids (pre-school) and went on to complete her course in Early-child education. After getting certified she studied interior designing. After seeing her mom work she wanted to become a set designer and did a course on photography too.

Growing up Aashna was quite introvert, she gained confidence through her career experiences. She is now bold and beautiful.

After opening her online shop, She put in her savings into importing Clothes and Accessories from China. She played around with the clothes and posted them on her Instagram. In fact, She hadn’t even given Blogging a second thought, but some customers nudged her to start a Blog and she did. Her mother was first against the idea of her blogging, she wanted Aashna to completely focus on her online store. But, Aashna managed to balance both blogging and the store perfectly. The first few months were rough and she didn’t really earn enough.

Aashna Shroff herself has gone on record saying that she wants to work with all kinds of brands, and is not partial towards the “Grade A” ones. Her sole aim has been to create relatable content irrespective of the money offered in campaigns. 

Because that is how she began and that is exactly how she is going to continue it. Aashna Shroff merely started by posing in the clothes that were sold on the Snob Shop. She has gone on record saying that blogging is simply an extension of your personal life. The diva has always practised what she portrayed. 

For a girl who was brought up by a single mother, in a bustling city like Mumbai, was inspired by none other than Blake Lively, someone who is extremely open about her journey-her struggles and most importantly about the people who tried to put her down. Aashna Shroff is the perfect example that there are no limitations in life whatsoever. 

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