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Sisters become business partners and left the MNCs jobs to built a fashion company worth 13 Cr With Just Rs 3 Lac

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Today we are going to talk about two sisters who just left their high paying jobs to follow their passion. Yes, we are talking about Tanya and Sujata who quit their MNCs jobs and turned their skills and abilities in their own successful company. They have a very interesting story towards the successful businesswomen in life. They are popularly known as Suta Girls. 

Dare to live your dream life 

Usually, people run after the handsome and luxurious high paying jobs. Everyone has a dream to live but hardly people get the courage to live their dream life with it. Youth prefer to have the best professional degrees in their hands and because of their educational excellence, they want to secure a position in a multinational company. Still, some just follow their dreams and know the right pathway to achieve success for that purpose they keep working all the time. In our society, you can find very few people who know how to use their present skills to gain profile and shape their lives in the right way. Such people always knew how to create a business opportunity for them and keep earning a good amount with it. The best thing is that their purpose of doing the business is not just about money but also they recognized the demand for the product and its utility to make the life of people better in every aspect as the Suta girls did. 

Background of our duo 

Tanya and Sujata are the real sisters. The surprising fact is that they belong to a typical service class family. This is a motivation for those who claim that only business families can give birth to new businessmen or women. Their father was a government employee in the Railway department. Both the sisters gained their degrees in engineering and masters in business management in the finance stream. After completion of the studies IBM hired Tanya and Sujata got a reputable post in Essar Steel. Both were so good in the academics that they got placement easily in these reputable companies. 

Forming a new company

In the year 2016, both the sister made up their mind to start a company. They have great senses and love for fashion and finally started working for their dream company. Since childhood, they had an interest in the sarees and this knowledge helped them to give shape to their dream. Despite the tough competition in the market both, the sisters decided to pursue the dream of establishing a company and face the challenges. They wanted to establish a handloom sarees business. 

Launching a new brand

They launch the brand Suta after doing the deep research and analysis of the saree market. This put their immense creativity in the brand to create super value for the customers. They did not go the conventional way and choose the new method of working with the saree and this creativity worked well. Initially, they did have limited resources only with the capital of 3 lacks rupees and three-person working. At the starting of the business, they could not afford to hire designers and models. Considering this they came with a new idea to establish their brand in the market. They became their models and took the help of digital marketing to make their brand popular. 

Tremendous growth in industry

The best part about them is that both were good designers, creative and innovative. These qualities made them very special and helped them to grow in several folds. They initially started the business with just 2 weavers working them but now they have more than 1500 weavers who are working for them in the various own handloom units across India. You will be surprised to know the fact that in 2019 their revenue crosses the 13 crores figure. This business is giving huge employment to the weavers and also improving the quality of the products in several folds. Most consumers prefer them because of their excellent fabric and creativity. The best part is that they have also made it to approach the customers directly and make the product available to them at the least possible price. 

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