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This home’s hall and kitchen are in Maharashtra, while the bedroom is in Telangana

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Chandrapur (Maharashtra): Do you recall ever hearing of a house falling in two states? One instance of this has come to light, involving a 13-member family who pays house taxes to two states!

According to information, a 10-room house in the Chandrapur neighborhood is located in both Maharashtra and Telangana. Social media users are sharing a lot of the house’s photos. Due to having to pay Telangana and Maharashtra’s house taxes, the family is in a rut.

The Pawars own the residence. Furthermore, the family has the unique opportunity to take advantage of the advantages of both states despite years of paying property taxes to both. Even their cars have both Maharashtra and Telangana registration numbers on them. The fact that all of this is true must sound strange.

Of note, Telangana has four of the Pawars’ home’s rooms, while Maharashtra has four. While the hall and bedroom are located in Maharashtra, the kitchen is in Telangana. The families of Uttam Pawar and Chandu Pawar, two brothers, have been residing in this 10-room home for years, totaling 13 people.

genesis of the situation

The land of the Pawar family was split between Maharashtra and Telangana after the border dispute was finally resolved in 1969, but no problems have yet arisen and the family continues to pay taxes to both states.

According to a report from the news agency, Uttam Pawar said, “Our house is split between Maharashtra and Telangana, but up until now we have not had any problems, and we pay property tax in both states and benefit from both states’ programs.”


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