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This Indian swimmer makes a splash at the Sea of Galilee with incredible achievement of World Record

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On Friday, Indian swimmer Aryan Singh Dadiala defied harsh weather conditions to equal the world record for the quickest male swimmer in connection to swim the Sea of Galilee.

The Sea of Galilee is the world’s second lowest body of water, at around 214 metres beneath sea level, and it presents several obstacles such as whirlpools and unending wind storms.

Dadiala, 21, is the first Asian swimmer fir to swim the Sea of Galilee, having established a World record in November 2022 in Goa by swimming 32 km in 5 hours and 36 minutes.

In his first try, he matched the world record for the quickest male swimmer to swim the Sea of Galilee, starting at 5.18 am on Friday in the dead of night and in bitter cold. He finished the difficult swim at 11:33 am.

According to information provided by the father of Aryan, Surjeet Dadiala, Guy Cohen established the record for the quickest one-way swim in 2017 on his seventh attempt. He said that at the time, it was a proud moment for the nation.

The occasion was honoured by Ambassador of India, Pawan K. Pal, who oversees the public diplomacy branch at the Indian embassy in Tel Aviv, and observed and approved by the Galilee Marathon Swimming Association, Israel.

Aryan stated that he accepted the task to “strengthen India-Israel relations.” He expressed his “extremely impressed” with Prime Minister Narendra Modi ji’s ambition – the first Indian PM to visit Israel in the year 2017.

During this huge endeavour, the swimmer was joined by his entire family, Guide Subodh Sule, Coach Rahul Chiplunkar, and crew Pavitra Poilkar, and he is eager to take on similar challenges in the future to raise awareness for other causes.

Aryan attended 2-years at Spire Institute and Academy in the United States (Ohio), where he was later awarded Brand Ambassador for India.

The young guy, a champion swimmer with over a hundred medals to his name and an enthusiastic sprinter, has been advocating various humanitarian issues through his athletic abilities.

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