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Wednesday, January 25, 2023

This startup is providing a unique experience in education & art with AR, VR

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Edutapxr has developed two main products that branch into – the education sector and direct to the customer (D2C) in the arts and craft sector.  The company uses Augmented Reality, and Virtual Reality (VR) to provide a unique experience in  education and art.

Every sector and individual felt the effects of the year 2020. For the first time, people began working from home, and it was around this time that Abhijit Sarkar and his colleagues came up with the original idea of Edutapxr. That is when Abhijit, Amit Kumar Singh, Ashwal CS, and Pampi Paul Sarkar came together and created a comprehensive product-based firm that focuses mostly on immersive and future technologies, such as blockchain and metaverse, and produces a market-ready solution.

Abhijit Sarkar, the co-founder and CEO of Edutapxr, says, “We were thinking of a business that could produce a product that would make people’s lives simpler.”

The business name was born from the combination of education with XR, or extended reality, with the key department being virtual and augmented reality. Edutapxr focuses on AR, or Augmented Reality, VR, or Virtual Reality, and MR, or Mixed Reality. Their two primary product lines are education and D2C (direct to the customer) in the arts and crafts.

Over the last decade, the Indian market has expanded quickly. Our country’s startup ecosystem is one of the richest in the world. Many new entrepreneurs are entering the market with fresh and clever concepts.

Virtual reality is now, to varying degrees, known to everyone. Despite all of the advances in science and technology, the domain of virtual or augmented reality has just scratched the surface. Edutapxr intends to go deeper into the area and provide its clients with a long-term offering. They intend to develop goods that will aid in training, such as in autos.

When outlining their intentions, Abhijit says, “I was flying from Delhi to Kolkata, and I realised that training for firemen was taking place in the airport. Why don’t we develop it into a product, a template that can be used to any case, such as firefighting, critical sickness, emergency landing, and so on? We sought to make training a long-term and cost-effective solution.”

With Edutapxr  as its name, the company has already introduced their product into the education sector. The company has already begun applying its revolutionary solution in the healthcare sector, which necessitates considerable usage of AR and VR to improve sales, training, and medical requirements. With Edutapxr, the retail industry can combine AI with AR or VR technologies. There are also several opportunities in the real estate market.

With this technology, one may virtually take a tour of one’s dream home. It is beneficial for interior design in terms of trying out wall paints, decorations, and so on before purchasing them, thus improving the consumer experience.

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