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TiE Mumbai boosts business know how & funding by collaborating with startups

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TiE Mumbai offers a variety of engagement events with its Startup members, concentrating on financing, accelerators, and know-how. These events range from mentorship workshops to advice camps and investor discussions.

TiE Mumbai Executive Director Naveen Raju says  TiE Mumbai has embraced a variety of entrepreneurial assistance sessions and seminars. More Startups and Founders are encouraged and welcomed to join, understand, and embrace essential business features.

TiE Mumbai offers a Legal Clinic Program for participating companies in collaboration with ANM Global, a full-service legal company. The goal was to assist entrepreneurs in developing their businesses through organized learning.

The training, which will be held on a regular basis, will address several fundamental features that are generally applicable to entrepreneurs. Best Practices for Startups, such as IP Searches, IP Filing, IP Prosecution, Portfolio Management, Software Patents, and Infringement & Risk Management for Export, were among the subjects covered during the event. Basics and Essentials for Startups were also covered, including the Founders Agreement, Startup Certification, ESPOs, POSH, Startup Grants, Non-Disclosure Agreements, GST, and PAN.

TiE Mumbai also hosted an Investor of the Month event with Alteria Capital for startups seeking funding.This session was led by Ankit Agarwal, Managing Partner at Alteria Capital, and Sweta Tiwari, VP- Venture Building and Strategic Initiatives at Alteria Capital.

Alteria Capital is India’s top venture debt fund, focusing on creative firms with strong venture capital sponsors. While Venture Debt remains central to Alteria’s business, the AlteriaActivate vertical connects large corporations and investors with top startups and emerging technologies with the goal of unlocking business opportunities ranging from strategic customer relationships and partnerships to investments and acquisitions.

TiE Mumbai invites entrepreneurs seeking to Europe to grow their worldwide goods and enterprises to a Business Builder breakfast with the UK Government.

Anubhav Jain and Tim Luft, dealmakers from DIT-UK Government, are scaling-up IT masterminds. They work directly with program participants, assisting them in realizing their full potential in the United Kingdom.

Their unique function involves serving as counsel, adviser, and strategist to entrepreneurs. This program includes mentorship in all elements of running a business, as well as advice on fundraising and sales strategy, investor preparedness, and so on.

The UK is an excellent location for developing intellectual property, and GEP is one of the greatest government assistance schemes available to entrepreneurs worldwide. This program concentrated on industries such as FinTech, EdTech, Clean Tech, Health Tech, MedTech, Enterprise Tech (SaaS), Life Sciences, Al and Cyber, Retail Tech, Logistic Tech, and Consumer.

TiE was created in 1992 in Silicon Valley by a group of prominent entrepreneurs, corporate leaders, and senior professionals with origins in the Indus area. Since 1992, TiE has been assisting entrepreneurs by providing education, coaching, networking, and investment. TiE’s purpose is to promote global entrepreneurship through its five pillars of mentorship, networking, education, funding, and incubation.

Dedicated to the positive cycle of wealth generation and community giving. TiE’s primary goal is to empower the next generation of entrepreneurs. There are approximately 11,000 members in 60 chapters in 17 countries, including over 2,500 charter members.

TiE’s objective is to promote global entrepreneurship via mentorship, networking, and education. TiE’s goal is on developing and fostering our future generation of entrepreneurs, as part of the virtuous cycle of wealth creation and giving back to the community.

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