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Friday, December 2, 2022

TiE Rajasthan to promote entrepreneurship with grants for startups

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A Rajasthan chapter of the non-profit community The Indus Entrepreneurs (TiE), Rajasthan is going to provide startups with grants. Finance, mentoring, networking, education,
and incubation are all part of TiE Rajasthan’s mission to promote entrepreneurship.
TiE Rajasthan has decided to not only expose the companies to investment organizations, but
also to distribute monies as grants to promising ventures, in order to meet one of their mandates.
According to RaviModani, president of TiE Rajasthan, it is a foresightful move to assist new
entrepreneurs in their early phases, when funds are most needed but scarce.
Modani said, “Through our programs, we intend to assist aspirational youth in creating
successful entrepreneurs and unicorns in Rajasthan. We also aim to establish a stronger
economy, produce livelihoods, and improve employment on a large scale, through the
TiE’s mission is to empower businesses through education and mentoring, as well as incubation,
networking, and funding opportunities.
Executive director of TiE Rajasthan, Arun Pareek, said, “We are not a for-profit business. We
raise money by charging membership dues. The corpus will be used to award grants to scalable
TIE-Rajasthan has targeted social impact and women-led enterprises for these incentives,
according to Pareek.
He added, “While our primary focus will be on businesses in the social impact sector and women
entrepreneurs, we will also consider promising tech initiatives.”

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