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Times Applaud bestows Women Iconza 2022 award to Dr. Dimple Bhosale Bains for her excellent gynaecology & skin and hair care services

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Giving birth to a child is the cherished dream of every married couple. But, sadly, many couples in the world have trouble conceiving because of several health issues. One such person who is helping couples fulfill their dream of a child is Dr. Dimple Bhosale Bains, who is an experienced gynecologist, obstetrics and celebrity skin & hair expert from Navi Mumbai. Leading press release and PR agency, Times Applaud, has hence honored Dr. Dimple with the Women Iconza 2022 award for providing excellent services in gynaecology and as a skin expert.

In spite of all the talks of woman empowerment and the remarkable achievements that woman are making today, being able to give birth to a child continues to hold huge importance in a woman’s life. A woman is considered to be complete when she becomes a mother, even in these modern times. The experience of childbirth is in fact a major event that has significant psychological importance in a woman’s life. It is said that giving birth to a child forever shapes the way a woman sees herself.  If she fails to give a heir to a family, a woman not only has a low self-esteem but it can also negatively affect her relationship with her partner and his family. This may even affect a woman’s personal as well as professional life. That is where a gynecologist comes to the help of such women.  Gynecologists are women’s health experts who specialize in the female reproductive system.

Besides infertility a woman may suffer from several other diseases that are related only to females. Specialist gynaecologists like Dr. Dimple Bhosale Bains care for and treat women of all ages – from puberty to old age. The service that Dr. Dimple provides focuses on the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of specific diseases in women.

But, that is not the only service she provides, as Dr Dimple is also an obstetrician who cares for the health of women during and after pregnancy. Being an obstetrician, Dr Dimple also deals with the health of the fetus, and her duties involve monitoring of womb throughout gestation. She has provided full range of gynecology services, and built special interests in all aspects of obstetrics, fertility preservation and high risk pregnancies. As an infertility expert, Dr Dimple has provided treatment to many couples and helped them give birth to a child. She is devoted to dealing with the individual needs and demands of patients in a caring and warm environment, and is known to be very compassionate, and focused on the care of her patients.

She has also helped many young girls and woman for Pcos (Polycystic ovary syndrome –  hormonal disorder common among women of reproductive age). Dr. Dimple has enabled these girls and woman to lead healthy lifestyles.

Apart from being a gynaecologist, and obstetrician, she also provides a complete package to women for their beautiful looks and optimum health. Dr. Dimple is also a celebrity skin and hair specialist who has provided her skin and hair care services to many celebrities.

She has also been doing free health camps for women in both rural as well as urban areas.  Dr. Dimple and her team reach to the women in these areas who are not able to seek proper medical facilities & treatment. She has been providing these women with services including free consultation, free blood test, and ECG.

Dr. Dimple also serves as Human Rights President of Navi Mumbai where she provides social service to people who are facing social issues.

Dr. Dimple has become a role model for many women today and truly deserves the Women Iconza 2022 award with which she was felicitated by popular socialite, Hruta Jeetendra Awhad, and distinguished actress of the TV industry, Ms Pooja Gor, at MG Motor India, Mumbai, on March 3, 2022.

The team at Times Applaud wishes Dr. Dimple Bhosale Bains all the best for her future endeavor at her medical facility, Dr. Dimple’s Clinic in Vashi, Navi Mumbai.


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