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Tips for saving money on Groceries

A trip to the grocery store need not make a hole in your pocket every time. You can keep your grocery bill in check by following these super saver tips.

Make a Proper List beforehand – Make a shopping list which is realistic so that you control how much you spend. Sticking to your shopping list reduces impulsive buying too.

Watch Out for Special Deals and Offers – Grocery stores usually offer good deals and offers on items that are over-stocked or are nearing their expiry dates. If you need such items, you can stock up on them to save money.

Buy Seasonal and Local Produce – Seasonal foods are cheaper than those out of season, so go for them. Also, local farmer markets are a great place to save some hard earned cash.

Reduce Wastage of Food – A lot of food usually goes unnoticed in the fridge as most of us are busy juggling between work and household chores. Strike a balance between the two  and plan your meals, utilise the leftovers and buy only as much as you need. This is important because wasted food adds up to a huge amount of money in the long run.

Track your Expenses – Tracking your expenses may sound trivial but it helps a lot in planning ahead. Knowing how much you have spent on food in a particular time helps budgeting and saves money.

Go for In-house Brands – Store brands are usually cheaper than other popular brands. Try it once and once you are satisfied with the quality, switch to these products to save on money.

Shop in Bulk – Reaching your sustainability goals becomes easier when you buy in bulk, rather than small packets. Things that are regularly used in the kitchen can be stocked up to get a good price.


While there has been a sharp rise in the grocery prices, you can keep a check on your expenses by employing the right supermarket shopping strategies. Waiting for good deals and comparing prices before buying can keep the cost down significantly. So, keep the above factors in mind, the next time you go grocery shopping.

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