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Ton Chanseyma’s Latest Music Video “Lambo Toy” Shows Lamborghini Carrying Grass For Cattle

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Ton Chanseyma is one of the most famous female Pop singers of Cambodia and her latest song, “Lambo Toy” is being loved by people not just in Cambodia but all over the world. Music lovers are completely in awe of Ton Chanseyma’s melodious voice and her beautiful looks which have left them mesmerized. While the lyrics of the track have been penned by Neak Oknha Leng Navatra, the lyrics in English have been written by Heng Loong. The composer of the song is Tempo Tris and many good-looking female dancers have also shaken legs with Ton Chanseyma. The female singer has looked absolutely stunning in each and every dress that she has worn in the song and there is no denying the fact that she is a Diva when it comes to fashion style and dressing sense.

“Lambo Toy” is being produced by CAM-POP Galaxy Navatra which has given music buffs many lovely songs in the past and is pretty famous for using luxurious cars in their songs. CAM-POP Galaxy Navatra has certainly left some people in a state of shock as in this new song of Ton Chanseyma, the Lamborghini Luxury Car is used for carrying grass for the cattle in Cambodia. What’s more, the cows in the song are seen eating Japanese salmon and drinking red wine and later on, a cow is also seen being transformed into a Lamborghini. The CAM-POP Galaxy Navatra has certainly spent a huge amount on the making of this music video as other than using Lamborghini cars, they have also ensured that the VFX work is of the top-most quality and it has also played a big part in making the video popular. In fact, it won’t be wrong to say that CAM-POP Galaxy Navatra has made a big statement on the world stage of music with Ton Chanseyma’s song “Lambo Toy” by producing this song in a lavish manner and they have introduced Cambodia to the world in a completely new style.

Lamborghini cars are pretty famous among the luxury car owners and very few are lucky enough to own them as they are very highly priced which makes it more difficult to believe that they can be shown carrying grass for the cattle. Well, it will be interesting to see whether the owners of the company Volkswagen Group will give any reaction to it or not. As of now, the first thing that you should do as a music lover is to soak yourself up with the entertaining music of Ton Chanseyma’s “Lambo Toy” and have a great time!

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