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Dharamik, The Gujrat-based Businessman Who Made His Name A Successful Brand

A very popular phrase says, “Where there is a will, there is a way”, and almost all the successful people have proved it right. Gujrat-based young entrepreneur Dharamik is one of them. He is the man behind a successful venture and brand with his name. Dharamik, the organization which is the mirror of his passion and dedication for the stock market.

Dharamik was curious and inclined towards investment since his schooling days. He had seen and listened about investing and earning through the stock market within his family’s casual conversation. He tried his hand in it for the first time when he was in 10th standard with the help of his father. He found it to be very interesting and started learning more about it. After school, he expressed his wish to drop studies and start a career in the stock market, but his family wasn’t convinced, so he had to take admission to the college, but that didn’t drive him away from his passion. He even invested his fee in stocks once but got good returns. However, he doesn’t endorse it and accepts that this was a big risk he should not have taken. But a few small successes boosted his confidence, and he became better each day.

When he thought that his skills and knowledge is good enough, he started an Instagram page to help others, and in return, he charged a small amount to get the fund for investment. Very soon, his page crossed 50k followers. This prompted him to think that there is a considerable number of people who are looking for the right advice. He then launched Dharamik, a firm that provides training and consultation to safeguard the interest of small and medium intra-day investors. It works on membership concept and already has more than 3500+ members. Dharamik also takes care of accounts of many prominent business houses from Gujrat.

Dharamik has climbed the ladders of success in a short span because of his dedication and extraordinary business skills. He understands the value of persistence and the quality of services. His organization provides 24*7 support to its member during training and consultation. He blends his knowledge with modern technology and data analytics in the best possible way to ensure the desired results. He fits perfectly in Simon Mainwaring’s quote, “ The key to brand success is self-definition, transparency, authenticity, and accountability.”


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