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Top 10 healthtech firms in India in 2022

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The healthtech business is developing at the fastest rate in healthcare. Find out the top 10 healthtech firms in India in 2022.

The term “healthtech” refers to the junction of healthcare and technology, and it clearly refers to this development. The healthtech business is developing at the fastest rate in healthcare. It is roughly defined as any technology that enables healthcare delivery or consumption outside of a hospital or doctor’s office.

Healthtech firms, in addition to providing healthcare products and services outside of hospitals, also provide information technology solutions to improve healthcare delivery while lowering costs.

The Indian startup ecosystem is increasingly rethinking healthcare delivery through numerous digital technologies that bridge the patient-provider gap. Developing an ecosystem in the healthcare business will aid in the delivery of better, quicker, and more efficient treatment.

Most entrepreneurs place a high value on having access to healthcare. In India, there are around 3,225 startups focused on health technology, with numerous more planned to debut.

Here are the top 10 healthtech firms in India in 2022:

1. PharmEasy

PharmaEasy is a pharmacy ordering website that allows customers to order diagnostic tests and medications online. Users may use the app to order prescriptions from nearby pharmacies and collect samples from nearby laboratories for diagnostic tests at home.

They may use the service to submit images of their prescriptions and place orders from local pharmacies. Users may also search for diagnostic tests and book diagnostic testing with home sample collection. The portal also sells supplements and other healthcare items.


1mg is an online pharmacy marketplace that offers teleconsulting services as well as online pharmacy markets. The website has a pharmacy with online pharmaceuticals that can be viewed, compared, and purchased. The user can place orders online in addition to inputting prescriptions.

A user may also utilise the site’s online doctor consultation tool to look for and book appointments with doctors. The portal distributes alternative medications and healthcare gadgets in addition to fitness supplements and health care goods.

3. Innovaccer

Innovative Acer offers a platform for analysing health data using artificial intelligence.

The product is used in healthcare facilities to manage the health of people. The business has created a data activation cloud-based platform to gather, research, and deliver insight on patient health. InNote provides four products: InConnect, InGraph, and InCare.

4. Cure.fit

Curefit is a platform that combines physical training and nutrition coaching. CureFit, the company’s brand, provides fitness instruction in the gym and at home under the umbrellas of dance, yoga, and exercise.

It offers healthy food delivery services such as meals, snacks, and drinks under the EatFit brand, as well as an online mental wellness platform.

5. Practo

Practo provides practise administration, telemedicine, and appointment scheduling.

On this web-based platform, patients and clinicians may collaborate. Online, patients’ profiles may be read, appointments can be scheduled, and teleconsultations can be done through chat.

6. Mfine

Mfine is a web-based programme that provides online medical consultations, appointment booking, and medication delivery. Online, doctors from local hospitals can be consulted.

Some of the clinic’s specialities include paediatrics, gynaecology, and obstetrics. In addition, the clinic offers home healthcare services such as checkups and laboratory testing.

7. MediBuddy

MediBuddy, a mobile app provider, provides online doctor consultations as well as other services. Users may use this internet portal to identify healthcare providers and talk about their treatments. Healthcare packages may be purchased, physicians can be booked, medications can be ordered and delivered to the patient’s door, and medical data can be viewed. Users can also send pre-authorization requests and claims notifications in the event of hospitalisation.8

8. HealthKart

HealthKart sells nutritional supplements, sports supplements, and health items. Vitamins and supplements, Ayurveda and herbs, health food, and exercise goods are all available from the firm. Furthermore, the page highlights the most recent advancements in each area and offers nutritionist consultations.

9. Medikabazaar

Medikabazaar is an online medical equipment marketplace. The provider may search, compare, and purchase medical supplies using a voice-based search engine and an online payment gateway.

They also provide client support about product specifications and usage, as well as hospital devices, materials, and medical consumables. Also see this startup’s Virtual Event Platform, which moves event administration to the cloud.

10. Indegene

Payers and providers in North America rely on Ingene to assist them improve their health-care systems. Transformation services, outcomes improvement, patient engagement, and analytics are all part of the provider and ACO solution portfolios. Transformation, care management, member acquisition, and member engagement are some of the solutions provided by payers. It offers platforms for client interaction and loyalty, as well as tools for care management.

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