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Meet Shravan Kumaran and his brother: The youngest app developers of India

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Shravan Kumaran and his younger brother are perfect examples that age is not a bar to follow your passion. The brothers , who have been called the youngest app developers of India, are founders of a company, called GoDimensions
Shravan Kumaran and Sanjay Kumaran are siblings who founded an app development company in 2012. Sanjay Kumaran serves as CEO of GoDimensions while Shravan Kumaran served as its president. They create apps for Android and iOS devices.
Surendran Kumaran was Shravan and Sanjay Kumaran’s father. He worked as a vice president at CT Solutions. Their father encouraged them, and they were inspired by Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. They created applications that are more beneficial for social purposes. They have created 12 applications. Their main issue was acquiring electronics, which their father assisted them with. His father’s corporation assisted and sponsored them.
They’ve both talked about how they’re going to accomplish it and what they’re going to do. They had a lot of ideas, so they solicited and incorporated feedback from family and friends. They hoped that by using their applications, they might persuade individuals to alter their beliefs. Their father and mother were very supportive. Jyothi Lakshmi was their mother’s name, and she was a journalist.
They have created 12 applications, including prayer planet, alphabet board, capture me, cop, and others. They have created games and learning applications in this manner. They have offered at a cheaper price, but others have offered at a higher price.
They have been invited by a number of business schools. They both like giving live speeches, and they will share their app development methods and experiences with the audience. For their achievement, her father gave them an iPad and a Macbook.
They will donate 15% of their proceeds to educational groups. They are always working on applications and how to use them to aid people. They will donate a portion of their profits to charities. Their pastimes include playing the guitar, badminton, piano, football, and other sports. They are mostly interested in football and cricket.
They are also working on a simple and entertaining app called Go Map. It displays a map of locations, routes, traffic, and pollution levels. They are developing a go card that will be great for birthdays and anniversaries. They’re also working on robots, and their father is assisting them with the robotics concept.
Their primary goal is to address people’s needs through applications. They were named rotary club entrepreneur of the year and young achievers in 2012. They were both recognized as IT professionals.
They have received several awards and have become entrepreneurs at an early age. They should be an inspiration to all pupils. They are using their ability to help the masses.


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