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Top 10 tips to conquer self-doubt & boost your confidence

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We all go through tough times in life, and start doubting our abilities.Find out top 10 tips to conquer self-doubt & boost your confidence.

It is very common not to believe in your ability or yourself. From time to time, we all go through times when we doubt our own abilities – a situation made worse when we turn it into a bad habit or obsess over it. When lack of confidence starts dominating our life, or the people connected to us, any of our goals or our plans, then we are forced to live a life which is not based on faith but on fear.

To get rid of this fear, we are going to tell you 10 tips which will end the lack of self-confidence even before it dominates your life and will help you to live a happy and confident life.

Here are top 10 tips to conquer self-doubt & boost your confidence.

1) Whenever you are in doubt – stop whatever you are doing immediately and allow your emotions to settle down, and think properly before taking any decision. Start breaking this self-doubt now, before self-doubt starts to overwhelm you again, immediately repeat these words out loud to yourself “I am doubting myself again”. As soon as you recognize that doubt is taking hold of you, you become aware of it and ready to take some action before the doubt overwhelms you completely.

2) Whenever you are in doubt – look for patterns. What is it that is creating doubt in your mind again? Is it fear? feeling of insecurity? Or uncertainty and instability? Start paying attention to when such “monsters” stop you from moving forward. Take a deep breath and start taking action on it – of course it will take some courage to do this but it is not difficult at all.

3) When self-doubt creeps in – remind yourself why you were doing something. Lack of self-confidence can quickly destroy your courage, focus, enthusiasm and self-esteem. Convert your doubt into courage and determination and motivate yourself to move forward. And then go ahead and do that thing you were afraid to do.

4) Whenever in doubt, listen to your inner voice. Our dilemmas may be imaginary fears that cripple our competence and ability to make decisions. This fear keeps you moving back and forth like a pendulum. But in reality you stand in one place – sometimes for hours, sometimes for days and sometimes for years. Listen to your inner voice and whenever you feel you are right, then go ahead and ignore your doubts. Your inner voice is divine – use this gift wisely.

5) Whenever you get confused before doing any work, you make that work much more difficult. Nothing is ever as hard as it seems. Free yourself from doubt and reclaim your freedom. Don’t let doubt get the better of you. Listen to uplifting songs and make yourself feel your strength, talk to a friend or loved one who can make you feel your strength.

6) Achieving excellence is simply doubting yourself. When you look for excellence, you hesitate to take any final decision. And tend to think too much about situations, and avoid making final decisions. Similarly, when you doubt yourself, you start turning back and focus on your weaknesses and try to perfect them. And this cycle continues for a long time. So remind yourself that no one is perfect in this world. There is nothing like excellence in the world because change is the rule of the world.

7) Change “I wish I could” to “I can”. Sentences like “I wish I could do that” lack confidence and trust. Always use phrases like “I can” – write it down, say it over and over again and remind yourself that nothing is difficult and that you are capable of doing anything. So give some faith to your wishes and dreams.

8) Never be discouraged by your doubts – don’t let this evil inside you stop you. Doubts are those voices sitting in your mind that always try to make a home in your mind, as soon as you start welcoming them, doubts take root and become stronger.

9) Replace your doubt with faith – because with faith all things are possible. Don’t be afraid to do anything, because what’s the worst that can happen? You will fail but still you will learn something new. It is better to fail than to try something. To make progress in life, you have to learn to take some risks, make some decisions and believe in yourself. So trust yourself.

10) Doubt Your Doubt – If you are surrounded by the clouds of doubt, instead of filling yourself with negative thoughts, question your doubt. To do this ask yourself how right is your doubt.

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