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Top 5 Indian edtech companies in 2022 you must know about

The word “EdTech” is an abbreviation for “Education and Technology.” It refers to technologies

designed to improve educational outcomes. Find out the top 5 edtech companies in India 2022.

For a number of reasons, Indian edtech startups have recently grabbed news. During the lockdown, they
got the opportunity to actually shine. During the lockdown, schools and coaching groups had to rely on
technology to continue educating.

To make education more enjoyable and approachable, edtech businesses are adopting resources such as
virtual reality, movies, robots, interactive displays, and online classrooms. Edtech businesses in India are
changing the Indian education scene in order to make education more interesting. They all target
distinct student issues and have varied budgets. These businesses go on to show that anyone with a
willingness to learn may accomplish so.

Here are the top 5 edtech companies in India 2022:


In India, Byju’s has become associated with online education. It began as a coaching class and has since
evolved to become one of the world’s leading EdTech firms.

It was founded in August 2015, with instructional material for students in grades four through twelve,
and an early learning program for classes one through three launched in 2019.

It also prepares students for tests in India such as IIT-JEE and NEET, as well as international exams like as
the GRE and GMAT.


Unacademy is an Indian online education firm situated in Bangalore. Gaurav Munjal founded a YouTube
channel in 2010, which was then incorporated as a corporation by Roman Saini, Gaurav Munjal, and
Hemesh Singh in 2015.

The organization employs over 12,000 instructors and provides study materials for a wide range of
professional and academic admission tests.

It offers a number of paid and free courses. Many renowned celebrities and public figures, including
Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma, Shashi Tharoor, Kiren Bedi, Mary Kom, and Saurav Ganguly, have
coached learners via live courses as part of Unacademy’s educational initiative dubbed ‘Legends on

Dinesh Godara developed WiFiStudy in 2013, an online test preparation platform for students preparing
for competitive public-sector exams such as the Staff Selection Commission, banks, and railroads.


In 2015, Ronnie Screwvala, Mayank Kumar, Phalgun Kompalli, and Ravijot Chugh founded UpGrad in
Mumbai. The firm is the official education partner of the Indian government’s Startup India initiative.

Working people, college students, and organizations may all benefit from the EdTech firm’s online
programs in IT, data science, management, and technology. UpGrad offers collaborations with various
prestigious colleges, allowing students to gain career-enhancing skills.

They are also India’s largest online higher education firm, supporting students in acquiring online
degrees from the best colleges in the world. Their one-on-one mentorship and placement support set
them apart.

They provide MBA programs in a range of sectors, including business, law, insurance, software, and


Vedantu was launched in Bengaluru in 2011 as a live online education platform. It gives pupils lessons
that are personalized to their needs.

Vedantu primarily serves Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (ICSE) and Central Board of
Secondary Education students in Grades 4 through 12. The organization’s primary business is currently
live online tutoring in STEM, Hindi, English, Sanskrit, German, French, Environmental Science, and Social
Science. It provides IIT-JEE, NTSE, NEET, and PSA test preparation sessions.


Classplus is a smartphone SaaS system that enables coaching schools, tuition centers, and private
instructors to take their companies online and automate material delivery, payments, engagement, and
online tests via an all-in-one teaching app.

Classplus offers the best coaching institute administration software and smartphone app solution for
individual teachers, tuition centers, and coaching institutions. Innovative features and technology have
been included into teaching and learning methodologies in order to prepare educators for the future.


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