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Top 7 AdTech Companies in India in 2022 you should know about

AdTech employs a variety of strategies to make ads more efficient, faster, and faster. Find out top 7 AdTech companies in India in 2022 you should know about.

Ad Tech is “advertising technology,” in short, which encompasses software and various sorts of tools that aid in the process of agencies and brand targeting, delivery, and finally assessing digital advertising efforts. AdTech, like advertising, is the business of creating ads. It employs many ways to create advertisements that are quicker, faster, and more efficient.

All types of businesses in the country should form alliances with AdTech firms since digital advertising and the efforts put in always provide a far better and more astounding outcome for their target audience.

Here are top 7 AdTech companies in India in 2022 you should know about:

1. ADZ Junction

The ideal platform for providing the greatest solutions for all main growing types of digital marketing firms includes design, social, editing, search marketing, and video advertising. The firm was founded on the ideas of Ashok Nain, who backed the company’s foundation for the aim of real-time bidding.

2. InMobi

Miip founded InMobi to connect all customers and merchants, and it has even formed relationships with certain well-known firms.

Every month, the firm interacts with over 169 nations and receives over 200 billion ad requests.

Softbank Group, Capital Partner, and Tennenbaum Capital have all made significant investments. When it comes to the technology used in adverts, InMobi has only used the most advanced.

3. Aristoma

Kumar Nishanth’s hard effort resulted in the establishment of the firm in 2015. It has consistently produced the best outcomes or results.

Their core services include SEO, brand marketing, social media marketing, and planning, creating, management, and other marketing-related solutions.

4. EMAIC Technologies

EMAIC is a corporation that was founded to assist businesses in reaching their chosen target audience profitably. Paid marketing, content generation, and site design and development are some of the important services used by this organization. EMAIC has been dubbed a game-changer in the ad tech industry and is well-known for developing advanced technology levels of digital footprints. The firm was founded in 2017, with their key creator Divya Gandora establishing their headquarters in Jaipur.

5. 135 Tech Labs

135 Tech Labs was created in 2012, with offices in the Indian city of Hyderabad. Their services and benefits are one of the factors attracting many other businesses. The firm works on Hangout, an in-app advertising channel that has been assisting various app developers to quickly monetise their applications and various organizations to successfully engage more people.

6. Globale Media

Globale Media’s platform provides the most integrated type of marketing platform that helps maximize the number of enterprises.

The firm has outperformed with over 500 direct publishers and over 1000 live campaigns running across 120 countries.

Global has really provided “transparency on the inflation level, not simply the click level.”

7. mCanvas

The firm has had great success in the areas of mobile advertising, video interactive advertisements, and programmatic advertising.

The firm is known as an Affinity subsidiary, and it is the brainchild of Vishal Rajput, who formed it with the objective of generating large income and scalability.

mCanvas is a storytelling mobile ad platform that makes the process work by leveraging phone sensors to generate the most appealing and interactive marketing narratives. With increasingly advanced strategies, the firm is expanding and gradually becoming the quickest leading Indian company that has tackled the world’s most important concerns in mobile marketing.

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