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Top 7 Indian BPO Companies in 2023 you must know about

Business process outsourcing (BPO) is the practise of hiring outside service providers to do certain tasks or activities for businesses. These third-party service providers can help enterprises cut costs while increasing income and independence.

Business process outsourcing refers to the practise of corporations contracting with outside service providers to do certain tasks or activities (BPO). Any back office outsourcing activity, as well as the entire human resources, accounting, finance, and management process, might be jeopardized. These third-party service providers may be able to assist enterprises in lowering the costs associated with all of these duties. Each company may greatly enhance its revenue and freedom.

The majority of major organizations use BPO service providers. Without a question, India’s BPO market is among the world’s largest. As the corporate environment becomes more competitive, BPO organizations must overcome a number of hurdles in order to thrive and grow. There are relatively few BPO firms where clients may obtain reliable expert support to help them achieve their objectives.


MyTasker was formed in 2012 with the goal of providing the finest service possible to its consumers. The company’s present headquarters are in Kolkata, and its fastidious MyTasker employees provide administrative and accounting assistance, understanding of digital marketing, and IT support. Under one roof, a hundred professionals work as a team for the organization. This means that your VA will work with digital marketing strategists, SEO, content writers, website designers, and developers. This not only increases your VA’s competence, but it also gives your firm access to new values and skill sets.

EXL Service

In 1999, Vikram Talwar and Rohit Kapoor co-founded the American worldwide professional services firm EXL Service. Outsourcing services are provided by the organization in the following areas: finance and accounting; legal procedures; transactions; bill collection; and customer support. It is also knowledgeable about analytics, operations management, and technology. EXL Service India also highlights the significance of “the all-important balance of digital and domain expertise, human and technology coming together to generate breakthrough outcomes,” or “Digital Intelligence.”

WNS Global

WNS Global is a leader in business process management in India, with 18 offices and more than 20,000 staff members. The organization provides practical solutions in a range of disciplines, including analytics, customer experience, human resources, and legal services. Additionally, the firm has a strong presence in a number of industries, including healthcare, insurance, shipping and logistics, and life sciences, as well as contact centres, finance and accounting, research and analytics, credit and collections, transaction processing, and services.


Maxicus is a business process outsourcing company established in India that offers cutting-edge services such as customer lifecycle management, omnichannel customer support, phygital-virtual shopping experience, tech support, back-office help, data annotation, and customer care automation. They give assistance in more than ten languages and ensure seamless customer interaction across all touchpoints. They employ phygital to provide a superior client experience by combining human understanding with cutting-edge technology. They also develop internal digital platforms for monitoring e-surveillance, knowledge management, labour productivity, and virtual commerce.

TCS-Tata Consultancy Services

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) is an Indian Technology and consulting corporation headquartered in Mumbai. It was created in 1968 and surpassed Accenture to become the world’s most valuable IT Company in 2002. In 2021, it expanded to become one of India’s largest employers, hiring 43,000 individuals in H1 FY22. It is India’s third-largest provider of business process services, with over 250 million clients globally. The total contract value (TCV) of TCS‘ order book in Q4FY21 was the biggest ever for a quarter, increasing the year’s total order book to $31.6 billion, a 17.1% increase over the previous fiscal year.

WIPRO-Western India Products Limited

WIPRO is a multinational firm that provides system integration services and IT consulting. It began as a manufacturer of refined oils and vegetables and provided data on 1,542 individuals employed by over 900 significant firms in 2014. For the fiscal year that concluded on March 31, 2015, it produced $7.1 billion in revenue, with a 95 percent repeat business rate. It is the 29th largest Indian company in terms of sales and the 9th largest employer. Its market value has climbed by 72.46% to $51.63 billion in 2021 and $43.87 billion in 2022.


Tech Mahindra is a global Indian company that provides IT consulting and services. It is a subsidiary of the Mahindra Group, with headquarters in Pune, and employs 125,236 people in 90 countries. On the 2019 Forbes India 500 list, it was placed #5 among Indian IT enterprises and #47 overall. It amalgamated with Mahindra Satyam in 2013 and now has 973 active clients. In 2021, 260,236 people would be employed in over 100 countries, earning a total of 38,642 crores (US$5.1 billion) in income. In the first quarter of 2012, Tech Mahindra increased sales by 14.6% and profit after tax by 42.2%.

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