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Top 7 Indian Retail Technology Companies in 2023 you must know about

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Because of the fast rise of digital and automated technologies, the retail business is one of several that have experienced significant improvements. Implementing innovations and digital solutions in retail and e-commerce, such as checkout, inventory management, fulfillment, and in-store facilities, is what retail technology entails.

Retail technology refers to the digital tools and advancements used by traditional brick-and-mortar retailers and e-commerce platforms in their supply chain and in-store operations. Automation, the Internet of Things (IoT), and artificial intelligence are all popular sources of power for retail technology applications (AI). The retail technology data from Statista provides information on how it is utilised in both conventional and online retail, as well as current and prospective investments in and debuts of new retail technologies in more significant retail businesses. Supply chain and digital logistics solutions assist both online and offline retailers, and retail technology such as payments and personalization attracts greater interest and investment for e-commerce and multichannel retailers. Retail technology is important in transforming today’s retail enterprises into immersive storefront experiences.

1. Grabango

Grabango has created self-service checkout technology for convenience shops and major groceries. Customers can avoid the checkout queue by scanning a code on the Grabango app. It takes about a tenth of the time of the rapid checkout, and consumers may instantly download the software from both cellphones for absolutely free. Grabango is the only venue that offers checkout-free shopping using computer vision and machine learning technologies.

2. CleverCards

Payment technology has enabled businesses and governments to rapidly issue digital master cards to everyone by SMS or email, enabling for instantaneous payments to anyone and everywhere. This has enabled corporations and government organisations to make online or in-store purchases from other brands, as well as provide corporate clients with digital pre-paid Mastercards. It has also enabled the gig economy and businesses to rapidly pay their staff and merchants. The industry has facilitated government payouts, who disburse payouts only through their card, and airline payout services, which pay their customers using their digital MasterCard. Mobile minutes may also be transformed into a digital Mastercard, allowing clients to spend money quickly and easily anywhere in the globe.

3. Slackline

Slackline is a retail technology business formed by seasoned e-commerce industry veterans. It offers major e-commerce operations, tools, data, and services, as well as retail intelligence. The technology of Stackline activates data, automates execution, and enhances the e-commerce platform. It currently assesses the success of each category across all online retail platforms using measures such as sales volumes, traffic, conversion rates, and more. The finest marketing intelligence is obtained by watching traffic and shopping marketing efforts boosting sales across all categories.

4. Trove

Trove is a retail technology firm that creates white-label technology and end-to-end processes to allow circular purchasing for the most premium and extravagant enterprises. They collect anonymized analytical data and securely share it with other merchants. They utilise personal information to manage client accounts and provide services and commodities. Trove is a circular economy powerhouse for its clients.

5. GrubMarket

GrubMarket is a firm that is changing the American food supply chain sector digitally. It provides quick delivery and the greatest types of fresh goods at a moderate cost. Farm-fresh foods may be delivered to your home for almost 50% less than grocery store prices. It is a full-service food technology shop dedicated to provide high-quality meals to all customers. Wholesalers and distributors sell their products to customers in a variety of settings, such as local markets, government organisations, schools, and food services.

6. Trax

This firm focuses in retail technology and offers in-store execution solutions as well as market analysis services. It is the most basic approach for getting information and input regarding your firm. Customers may interact with real people at any time, from any location, and receive data-driven insights to help them run their businesses more efficiently. The platform provides customers with all-in-one services such as 360 Evaluation, offline Knots, and online surveys. Forms, landing sites, OR code generators, and line trackers are always better ways to promote.

7. Happy Returns

Happy Returns is a return solution that makes appealing returns for customers, retailers, and the environment by utilising reverse logistics and returns software. Customers who returned label-free to their countrywide network of 3,800 return bars gave them a 93 NPS, earning them plaudits from tens of thousands of delighted customers. By converting from cardboard to reusable bags for every million returns, the firm cuts greenhouse gas emissions by 120 kg and saves money compared to postal returns. Customers should press the firm to make reasonable replacements based on the cause for the return and the inventory on hand. Because of the size issue, the firm produces 52% of its returns, ranking it first in terms of return generation.

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